Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My weight loss story

A little bit ago a friend asked me for my weight loss story. Even though I felt less than qualified I sent her the following:

My weight loss story:
I've always had a skewed perception of my body. In high school, as a size 4, I thought I was fat and after my first son at a size 16 I didn't think I was "that big". I always compared myself to others thinking "I'm the smallest one here" or "I don't look as big as them" which I quickly noticed was not correct. My lowest point was the night I was watching biggest loser and one of the contestants mid season weighed in at 173. I was 170. I thought gosh she looks way bigger than me and then I realized that she was even like 5 inches taller than me. Obviously I was way off. I started eating healthy and exercising. Counting every calorie in and every calorie out. I got down to 142 but went on fertility medication that made me crazy and was 148 when I got pregnant a year later. During my pregnancy I felt a lot better than during my first. I ended up at 165 after my second baby and decided to start working on my weight when he was about 2 months old. This time my husband was doing it with me which made it so much easier. We never had bad food in the house, ate healthy good tasting meals and snacks and made a low calorie dessert once a week. At that point the only exercise I was doing was nursing my son. I dropped weight fast! So much so that I had to quit nursing my son after 5 months because my milk had lost most of it's fat content. I started exercising at least once a day on my lunch break and occasionally after the boys would go to bed. I would lift weights for 10 minutes on my morning break, use a stationary bike for 40 minutes on my lunch and do a 10 minute ab workout on my afternoon break. I started feeling good about myself for the first time ever and everyone seemed to notice the transformation. A year later I had lost 50 lbs and was 115 and a size 2. Smaller than I had ever been. I wish I could say I kept it off. Unfortunately I have gained 10 lbs back and have struggled to maintain. It's not easy. I'm back on the wagon now and am happy to report that I lost a pound this week. All I can say is that there is no real secret to weight loss. No fad diet or new fangled exercise will take the place of healthy eating and hard work. It takes dedication and support from everyone around you and is completely possible no matter who you are or what size you are starting out. Just start now! If you eat something you shouldn't have don't chalk it up as a ruined day, eat as healthy as you can and burn more calories! Don't completely deprive yourself just set limits. If you want a donut cut it in 4ths and eat 1 piece. 100 extra calories is far better than 400. Just educate yourself on what you are putting into your body and keep going. I will always struggle but the only difference between me and someone else that hasn't started this journey yet is that I know I can do it because I have done it before. All you have to do is start. Start now. Don't wait for some other day or for one last meal. Start now.

Today we had our assessments for our company wellness program and it made me think about this. Everyone was sure I would pass with flying colors but I was worried. I have never had so many people come up to me and call me a stick! It made me realize that I do really have this skewed sense of self. If only I could see what everyone else sees. It's been a great few weeks for me and I am really enjoying exercising and eating right. It seems that the switch in my brain finally flipped and I am back on track and happy about it! I thought I should share my story and you can take it or leave it.