Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here goes nothing...

Our little Mann is growing up and potty training has resumed, but this time we're serious. Carter got his very own underwear!!! He LOVES them and will hopefully learn quickly not to "go" in them.

I'm glad these are clean...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!

Our lives have been busy so it's taken me a while to upload some pictures. Here's what I found on my cameras, probably all out of order but oh well.
When we do get time together as a family we like to try out frozen yogurt places and share a frozen yogurt between the 3 of us.

Potty training is going slow and is on hold for right now. He is willing to sit but not quite understanding the concept. We'll start again very soon hopefully.

Playing with Daddy...

These were not shot from a gun. Don't worry.

Carter had his 2 year appointment (a little late) and the doctor was very impressed. He told us he is probably as smart as a 4 year old and he couldn't believe he was talking to a 26 month old. Hooray!

A trip to the doctor with no shots? Hooray! AND the doctor gave him a tongue depressor to which he replied "Thank you doctor."

At the library on the miniature version of our couch

We've had a few visits from Hailey lately and Carter loves it! He also really enjoyed seeing Aden and has found a new best friend!

Carter loves to dip now. He says "dip, dip dip"

A quick trip to the planetarium

Carter has gone almost 27 months without needing band aids for anything besides shots but the other day we went grocery shopping and as I was holding his hand Carter fell. I didn't notice so I kept walking and dragged him on his knees a little bit. I felt so bad but Carter was a trooper. When I told him he was a resilient kid he echoed it right back to me. He wouldn't wear his Curious George band aids. He's a real man.

Gotta wear shades!

Carter brought a "G" over and put it on my tummy so we told him which other letters to find and he spelled Grover.

Carter went swimming with his cousins and he LOVED it! he wouldn't get out of the "cool" and played with the diving rings which he called circles.

Carter loves the circles!

The ward ice cream social was fun with the cousins!! Carter wants to be just like Michael!

Love Auntie!

Uncle John does the best "pony boy" and Carter just can't get enough!

Carter is super in to playdo now. Here is one of his creations.

14 weeks. Still huge. I actually got asked at work straight out if I was pregnant. The woman said she shouldn't ask but she knows I just lost a bunch of weight. Translation: You got skinny but now you look really fat!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I love to see the temple

Saturday, June 5, 2010


First off Happy anniversary to my hubby of 5 years yesterday! Love him! So, we had a very busy day yesterday which started out with a friend of mine taking some pictures of our family at Wheeler Farm. Alicia is starting a photography business and wanted some photos for her portfolio so she was offering free shoots. How could I turn that down? Here are a few of her favorites that I stole from her blog. I will post more when I get them all.

Since it was our anniversary we wanted a few of just us.

Carter singing "do as I'm doing"

The boys look cute. I kept putting myself in awkward positions which made for awkward faces...

The guys

I was standing on a picnic bench 2 ish feet away and leaning against this tree.


Carter's new thing is honking noses. His own... or anyone else that will let him! I'm so glad she caught that.

I cannot believe how grown up and good looking my little Mann is. I am so grateful to Alicia for the free photos and think she did a great job capturing Carter's fun personality and rugged good looks.

Thank you Alicia! You are amazing!!