Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Dude, where is our Instructor?"

Brook and I had a minor letdown tonight when we went to our birthing class. After waiting 40 minutes for our class to start and repeated calls to the front desk by a custodian, we were informed by a nurse that our teacher was a no show. To make it up to us in the class, she passed around a piece of paper and had us write down our names and numbers, promising us that when the time came for us to go into labor, we would have priority for the private rooms. The class was then taken up to Labor/Delivery for a tour of the rooms and to answer any questions we had. Because our class ended early, Brook and I were able to go get our stroller (with a portion of the newly aquired funds from the sale of Brook's car). The following pictures depict me putting the stroller together (it was a piece of cake) and the final product.

We love you Carter!

Hogwarts: A History

This is the result of my Hogwarts model set I got from Brook for Christmas. It was more difficult than I first thought.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Going, going....

Well, I thought it would be hard to sell the bug, but the day after we posted it on Craigslist I was talking to a coworker about it and she was really interested. She test drove it today and she says she wants to buy it so I am totally stoked! She didn't even try to haggle the price! We also got an email Saturday morning from a girl who saw it on Craigslist. She seemed pretty interested because she wanted to drive up from Marin that day to see it, but I told her we weren't available because I hadn't gotten a yes or no from my coworker. Well, She wants the car and thinks she can have the money to me by Monday, but the girl from Marin wanted to set up a time next weekend to see it so I will have to let her know the car is no longer available. I didn't know so many people would be interested that quickly!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A salute to tums

One of the biggest issues Brook has had to deal with since becoming pregnant is her seemingly everlasting heartburn. She heard from someone that lots of heartburn during pregnancy means a hairy baby, so hopefully we are not going to have a chimpanzee for a son. Her antidote to this consistent discomfort is downing a few tums (withing the recommended dosage, of course). That being a "big" issue, we have been pretty lucky so far with this pregnancy thing. Hopefully our luck will continue after Carter is born.

In other news, I finally heard from UNLV a few days ago, once again receiving an acceptance letter. Unfortunately for them, I will have to gracefully decline their letter. U of Utah still feels right for both Brook and I and we are getting more and more excited on a daily basis. To further back up those good feelings, I heard from a tile setter I know that UNLV is basically a 4 year junior college. I am still waiting to hear from ASU, not so that I can decide where to go but more for a boost of self esteem.

Our baby registry is 99% complete, with a few odds and ends left to add. We decided, with a little help from our friends, that the blue car seat is the winner. We can always get a different cover if we have a girl later on. Carter has been more active (well, at least felt more) in the past week, probably because he is getting excited for our birthing classes to start next Thursday. It should be fun.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can't decide!!!!!!

Many of you may have received a phone call from me for an opinion on a car seat. Well... I still can't decide. We need help! Here are the choices:
If you can't tell the blue seat has little sports things on it.

Officially for sale!

The "mirth mobile" is now on craigs list! Here is the link if anyone knows someone looking for a cool car:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another trip to the doctor...

Well at least this time it was a good news/bad news kind of thing.
Bad news: I've gained 5 lbs in the past 3 weeks which brings my total up to 24 lbs (it's actually the high average.)
Good news: We were seen by one of the midwives in the practice and we actually really like her. She is #1 on our birth list so far including 2 of the doctors in the practice.
Bad news: my iron is a little low so I need to watch what I eat and make sure I increase my iron a little.
REALLY good news: I don't have gestational diabetes!!!! Hooray!
All in all it was a good appointment. I still look healthy and the baby's heartbeat is as it should be. I go again in 2 weeks so I will give another update then.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A bad day turned good

I'll try to make a long story short by saying I had a bad day. It seemed like every thing was going wrong. Well, a few days ago I noticed that our registry showed Carter's bedding as "online only" which I KNOW is wrong because I added it in the store. Kaisa was going to Target at lunch so I asked her to just make sure it was still there and she got to inform me that it was on clearance and being discontinued! I was freaking out and asked Dave if he just wanted to pick something else but he said no way because we had not only been planning with this color scheme in mind but we had already matched the colors to paint the letters of his name and the thousand (exaggeration) of polka dots hanging in his room. So we decided to just buy whatever was still in the store. Well, I mentioned this to Kaisa and she confessed that she had purchased the bedding set when she saw that it was discontinuing so we just had to get the stuff that went with it. We were only able to find the mobile and some boxes (which were both on sale) at the Santa Rosa Target so we drove to the Rohnert Park Target and found almost all of what we wanted... also all on sale. We will check the Fairfeild Target tomorrow for the remaining items and if they aren't there we will just get them online. All in all it turned out great because we got everything on clearance and we got to set up his room.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Growing every day

I feel like my growth is like exponential! Every day I keep getting bigger and bigger! Last night I was laying on the couch watching Gilmore girls and I could not get comfortable. First I tried laying on my left side, then I sat up then I flipped to the other side of the couch, then I moved to the papazan chair, then I ended up turning off the T.V. and going to the computer chair and finally I gave up and just laid in bed. At 7:00pm. I know it's only going to get worse I could just feel my ribs being stretched! Anyway, I still think he is going to be quite a large little man(n) and I am looking forward to my doctors appointment on Monday to see if the home cooked food is helping keep the weight off.

Monday, January 14, 2008

For those of you that doubt the resemblance

David: I rest my case!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Selling the mirth mobile

We've been carpooling so often that we really only use my car about twice a month. We have decided to sell it. If you know anyone who would be interested let us know!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

26 1/2 weeks

Sporting the XY and the belly!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carter in 20 years

Carter looks like his Papa!

Some pictures from the 4D sonogram today:

A big smile for the camera! She said he was the smiliest baby she had seen all day!

He likes to suck on his foot!

He's definitely a boy! ... And what a boy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Finally some good news!

I'm not contagious anymore! Yeah! I've actually been able to leave the house which means I don't have to miss any more work. I'm still on antibiotics and eye drops, but I feel better.

Also, Dave has decided on University of Utah even though he has not heard back from the other schools. We have been talking about it since he got his acceptance and everyday we were leaning more towards it. The other night he just said "So, Utah?" and that was pretty much it.

We have our 4D sonogram TOMORROW!!!! We are so excited! The best part is they are running a special for the month of January so starting today we can get the best package (which we weren't going to get originally) for only $99 instead of the $245 it was originally!!!! I'd say that's good news!

We've also been doing really good at eating home cooked meals and neither of us have eaten out since the "epidemic" hit our house. We feel pretty good about that.

Carter seems to be moving a lot more and his favorite time to play is about 10:00PM. It's fun for Mommy! Carter also has story time every night when Daddy reads one of his children's books to him. Tonight's book is "If you give a mouse a cookie..." (a book that Brook identifies with).

Pretty much good news all around!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

When it rains it pours

No, I'm not talking about the recent storm, I'm referring to the fact that my cold is still here and now I have a nasty chest cough and pink eye in both eyes. It's fantastic! I went to the on call doctor today and he prescribed me TONS of medicine so hopefully that will help and not hurt poor Carter who has to go through this with me. I can't afford to miss another day of work so I am just going to have to deal with it. Blah.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Most likely Utah

Well, Dave and I have been talking about it and it seems that everyday we are leaning more and more towards U of U. We have not received anything from either of the other schools, but I think there is a reason we got the acceptance from the U first. It is causing us to think of all the good things that Utah has that neither of the other schools/states have (mainly family and friends) and reevaluate the pros and cons of each school. Those of you who know me well know that I am an over analyzer and I think I had overlooked a lot of the pros of Utah because I was so focused on the cons. I told Dave it is ultimately his decision, but it seems that he is starting to get his heart set on Utah which is a good thing because he's already been accepted there. So... I will brace myself for a cold winter next year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Some stuff

Well, Dave and I are both sick, but he is taking it more like a Mann than me. I feel miserable!

We had a doctor's appointment Monday and got some... news... first off I've gained 7 lbs this past month which puts my total weight gain at 19 lbs. That's a lot considering the only place I've really been gaining is my stomach. I asked if that meant I was going to have a LARGE baby and she said we would have to wait and see. She followed that up by saying that she thinks I might be able to birth an 8 lb baby naturally, but doesn't think that I could do a 9 pounder since I am so small. She said natural birth is ideal, but not to freak out if I end up needing a C-section. Oh fabulous!!!!! My mother in law had 6 babies and not one of them was under 8 lbs! Let's hope this boy takes after the babies in my family which were all under 8 lbs. (I doubt it though.)
Our doctor also informed us that she is pregnant and due April 6th which means she will not be delivering our baby. I hadn't really expected her to be delivering since it all depends who's on call, but I hoped it would be her and now there is really no chance. So that was a bummer. She started out that sentence with "I have a confession to make and you're going to be mad at me..." not exactly a phrase you want to hear coming from your doctor, but I was glad that it wasn't a lot worse.

In other news: we have our 4D sonogram in a week from tomorrow and we are really excited to see if we can tell at all who this baby looks like. We will be posting pictures from that hopefully next weekend.

Until then we are both going to try to get healthy again. I've been really lucky to have had a great pregnancy so far, but I have gotten 3 colds since I got pregnant and it is so miserable. Luckily Dave takes good care of me.