Saturday, April 28, 2012

50 Free Dates: A Game and a Movie

Brook and I had our 2nd free date last night, this time in the comforts of our own home.  Once the boys were in bed, I inflated our aerobed and we played some cribbage.  We figured it had been about 5 years since we last played, so we reviewed the rules and then Brook let me win (wink wink).  

Next I popped some popcorn, set up my laptop, and snuggled up to Brook while we watched a documentary called "Happy".  We heard about the movie from the Ellen Show, when she had the director on as a guest.  He went from living the Hollywood lifestyle (Huge house, nice cars, fancy restaurants) to living in a trailer park as a result of a serious motorcycle crash that nearly took his life.  He looked at that event as an opportunity to reevaluate his life and understand what would bring him true happiness.  The documentary portrays the lives of happy people from all over the world, depicting what elements bring them happiness.  As expected, money is not one of them.  Ellen mentioned that the documentary was currently a free rental through iTunes, so Brook and I watched and enjoyed.  Here is a trailor for the film:

Overall, we had a fun night together without spending a dime.  We are enjoying these dates so much we might do them a couple times a week, once school is out.

Friday, April 20, 2012

50 free dates! Bookstore task

Today was our first of what I am calling 50 free dates. I assembled a list from Pinterest and Google and my head and we are going to try to do them ALL! Here is the first. I found this one on Pinterest and I thought it was perfect. When Dave and I first got married we would actually go hang out at bookstores and look at all the books so I figured this was right up our alley. I gave Dave this invitation earlier in the week and he was excited to see what it was all about. For the printable invitation and task card click HERE.

 I gave him the first card when we got to the bookstore and we set off together (you can go separately and meet up with your finding if you prefer) to fill our tasks.

Our first task: Each find a recipe that you want to make together and take a picture of it. Dave won with the recipes. He grabbed a yummy crock pot cookbook and kept yelling at me for peeking over his shoulder since his looked way better than mine. He chose a crock pot banana bread and I ended up with a coconut & sweet potato noodle soup.

The second task: Each find a quiz in a magazine and take them together. This was our favorite part! Dave found this gem and we found out that I would win social butterfly and Dave is a cross between Miley Cyress and Lady Gaga.
Our third task: Each find a book that you read as a child and read it together. This was a tough one for us since we own most of the books we used to read from our childhood. We were both able to find one and Dave had fun summarizing his to go with the pictures like we do with Carter when his books are too long.
We moved to the second card and our third task was to find a joke and read it to each other. We ended up just looking through this book and laughing.
Task number five: Plan your dream vacation. We each picked a book and then we got tired so we decided to go home and make cookies.
The major thing that attracted me to Dave was his sense of humor and I give him crap about a lot of his jokes not being funny. When he has a good one I always let him know and today he made a funny. Right before this photo was taken he said something about being Mitt Romney.
 After making cookies we walked over to the church for our ward adult activity called the Asian Occasion. Many things about the evening made us chuckle.

All in all it was a fantastic FREE date. We had loads of fun!!