Sunday, August 31, 2008

Play time paparazzi!

The out crowd

Today at church I was talking to another mom in my ward about how difficult it is to make friends if you aren't from here. I've looked into various Mom's groups but haven't found anything just right. All of the sudden it hit me! I'm starting my own Mom's group! Of course it will be small at first (just me and my new friend from Napa) but when we meet more people who are looking for something like this we can tell them about it and get them to join. I am excited, but I have never done anything like this before so it should be interesting. My thinking is, if it works great and if not what have I lost? The link to the group blog is and we can be reached by email at

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The other good thing about Utah.

With our Smith's card we ended up paying $3.70!!!!

Go Utes Go!!

Cool fabric we found that will soon be a blanket! Go Utes!

It has been a while since I (being David) blogged, as my wife has continually reminded me today, so I should let our fans know what I have been up to. I started school on Monday and was almost immediately overwhelmed. Even though I am only taking 3 classes, each one will demand a good chunk of my time. I am taking Design Workshop (a class about abstract theories on design, pre-req. for the architecture program), Intro to Critical Theory (where I am surrounded by english majors discussing various theorists from around the world and throughout time), and Gender and Contemporary Issues (lots of reading and online classwork). I think the year I took off of school has made me a little lazy, but I am trying to combat that feeling. I know that if I work my tooshie off I should be okay.

Now that we have the Internet in our place (finally!) I will make a more concerted effort to blog about stuff. P.S. U of U is beating Michigan in football! I guess I picked the right school.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Our little mann

The one good thing about Utah.

Over 70 blogs and still so much to say!

I cannot believe that this month alone I have blogged over 70 times! Wow...

I've been keeping a list of things to blog when I actually got to the computer so forgive me if this is somewhat in list format.

I've already mentioned Carter's reflux but the update is he's spitting up about 4 times a day on the meds as opposed to 4 times each feeding.

He's started this fun little screeching noise that sounds kind of like an injured monkey when ever he wants his binky. On one hand I'm glad he can communicate better and on the other... well let's just say as soon as I hear it I put his binky in.

We've been playing on the floor more while Dave is at school and we like to practice rolling over. Carter will turn to one side and I will help him the rest of the way, then when he is on his tummy he pushes his feet on my hands to scoot across the blanket. It's fun, and now that his reflux is getting better he doesn't mind his tummy so much.

Bed time is going surprisingly well. Last night wasn't the best, but most nights he doesn't even cry. We just swaddle him, feed him, read the scriptures, say a prayer, put him in his crib, sing a song and then leave the room. Usually during the song he just stares at us but it's cute.

Like I said we've been reading the scriptures with Carter. Last Monday night we went to Deseret book and got some kids versions of the Book of Mormom and a bedtime bible book. It's great for us to read because it's a quick overview and it even has pictures!

Dave started school Monday and he is enjoying it. We went to the art store yesterday to get supplies for his design class which seems like it will be very interesting. We will definitely be posting pictures of what he designs.

Our stake offers ASL (american sign language) classes starting in a few weeks and I've decided to take them. I took ASL at the JC but have forgotten a lot of it plus it will be nice (and very hard) to take an hour and a half a week for myself to do something that I'm interested in.

Our bishopric came to our house Wednesday night for a nice chat. They are definitely trying to make us feel welcome and I appreciate that, but it is still difficult to feel like part of this ward. I'm sure once we make friends it will be better.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A clean little monster!

Waiting for a bath in his robe and slippers

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A rough day at the office

We've started giving Carter his medicine and i did notice an improvement until nap time today. We gave him both meds this morning before Dave left for school and I was planning on giving him his next dose when he woke up from his nap but after just enough time for me to make a sandwich he woke up in a pool of spit up. Not wanting to mess with our routine I decided to go ahead and give him his meds and while waiting for it to kick in change the sheet in his crib. Man is that a pain in the butt! I had to take the bumper off and the mattress completely out off the crib which is nearly impossible with my short arms. I finally was able to finish, refill the little mann and tuck him in again. For anyone that thinks being a mom isn't a full time, highly demanding job you're nuts, but you can see by the picture that it is TOTALLY worth it. Oh and I did finally get to eat my sandwich.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sorry forgot to say it

Sorry forgot to say it is reflux...

I have what!?

We finally realized that Carter might be spitting up more than the average baby and he doesn't seem to be gaining weight so we decided to take him to the doctor to have him checked out. We took him to the doctor of another baby in the ward and he seems nice. At Carter's last visit a month ago he weighed 11lbs 6oz naked and this time he weighed 10lbs 12oz in his diaper. The doctor prescribed 2 medications and wants to see us back in 2 weeks. I have a lot more to blog about but I haven't been near a computer. Expect a full update in the next few days.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Carter and Bisket

New routines

Last night we went for a walk around the duck pond. We are trying to start routines for our day and for bed time so that Carter can expect it to be the same from day to day. So last night we went on a walk, got ready for bed, swaddled, ate, said a family prayer and then put him in his crib awake. After we tucked him in we sang him a song (it was so cute as we were singing he was looking back and forth at each of us) and then we left the room. We only had to "binky" him a few times and he fell asleep. He slept pretty good too because he didn't wake up until after Dave took a shower in the morning. Dave left early for the trax station. Today is his first day of school and the first day Carter and I will be alone in a while. I'm sure we will all survive and if we do we will be going to the temple tonight for the first of many family night "funtivities"!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ok, so we were at the Gateway today and we were headed for Gymboree when all of the sudden I saw Gev from "So you think you can dance"! I really wanted to follow him and ask for a picture but Dave said no. In googling him I found out he's also going to U of U so maybe Dave can get me my picture after all.

Thanks osh kosh!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Carter was fussy so I

Carter was fussy so I held him over my head while sitting on the couch. He then gave me a spit up shower! Luckily I closed my mouth in time! Yuck

He likes a bug's life!

Carter has slept from 11pm

Carter has slept from 11pm to 7am the past 2 nights with out even a peep. We've started to let him cry himself to sleep which seems work.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The 30 second swaddle

A bedtime ritual

We just finished watching Muppets take Manhattan and Carter really liked it. Thanks Jeff and Rachelle! Now it's time to get ready for bed.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Looks good enough to eat!

We tried on Carter's halloween costume and I think he makes a fine looking hot dog!

Last night we went over to Jeff and Rachelle's house to make dinner and use the internet. Dinner was really good and we had a lot of fun. After we went to the mall and then back to our place for a couple office episodes. It's definitely nice to have them close by.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting better

Today we went to a church play group and it was actually beneficial. I walked home with the girl that I met the first Sunday we were there. It seems like we actually have a lot in common! We exchanged phone numbers and we are planning to get together to watch the office sometime soon.


We found a pizza place that makes a gluten free pizza!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Oops, forgot.

I just posted a load of pictures, but what I forgot was church. We went to all 3 hours of church yesterday and it went much better. We met a lot of young couples that live in our complex (even one from Napa) and we even met our Bishop! Apparently he spoke to our former bishop on the phone and completely changed his attitude. I feel a little bad because after church last week I may have texted Bishop Gamblin's wife Dianne to tell her about our desire to be back in Brush Creek ward. I have a feeling this may be why the 2 bishops spoke. In any case, Thanks Bishop and Sister Gamblin! Tomorrow there is a play group for the mom's in my ward ( I say the mom's because most of the babies are Carter's age or younger) so I think I will go. Hopefully we will make some friends and not feel so isolated out here.

LOTS of pictures!

We had a busy weekend with family but it was lots of fun. Here are a LOT of pictures! In no particular order:
George, Emeric, Seneca and Carter at Cafe Rio. They came in on Sunday to surprise Joy and Richard and stayed the night. It was a blast!

Carter in his bear hoodie ready for a walk around the duck pond.

The duck pond on at our complex. It is awesome!

More duck pond pictures...

I can't believe we have this so close!

Rachelle trying to scare away the ducks RIGHT outside of our apartment.

The ducks started rioting when we were giving them bread and started biting Joy's toes!

Rachelle and Carter on our walk around the pond.

My cute little teddy bear.

Carter with Grandma and Papa.

Playing with an alligator.

Us on our walk around the duck pond.

We went shopping to get school clothes for Emeric and Seneca and after we had Cafe Rio for lunch. This picture is George, Seneca and Carter who is smiling at Emeric. We had a fun visit and we are sad it was so short.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Carter loves playing with his cousins Emeric and Seneca.

Friday, August 15, 2008


It feels good to have the dishwasher running after a good home cooked meal. Dave and I made a really good salad for lunch with chicken, beans, corn and a home made dressing. It tasted great and we are the perfect amount of full. In other news: Dave just finished the last book in the Twilight series and I just finished re-reading the 7th and final Harry Potter book. I missed so much the first time through because I just wanted to know what happened.