Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hand-me-downs ROCK!

On Thanksgiving my cousin Jenny gave us a highchair! We decided to try it out and it seemed to be a big hit. Thanks so much Jenny and family!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Full tummies and a few full days!

I'm going to go day by day.

Wednesday: Rachelle and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out super yummy. Thankfully Rachelle did the turkey but I made the mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, gluten free stuffing and the salad. I was really proud of us. Dave's brother George and his kids Emeric and Seneca came down from Idaho and had Thanksgiving dinner with us. It was a blast.

Uncle Jeff and Carter playing video games

Carter with his cousin Seneca

The "ghetto dessert"! This is the chocolate mousse torte we made on Tuesday. It looked and tasted pretty good.

Emeric and the whipped cream.

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Huntington for this Thanksgiving bib!

On Thursday: Dave and Jeff went and played football with a bunch of guys in our ward. Then we said goodbye to George, Seneca and Emeric. In the afternoon we went to my Great Grandpa's nursing home and had Thanksgiving dinner with him and a bunch of my family. It was really nice to visit with everyone and see Grandpa.
That evening we went and hung out with our friends the Pierces who are in town for Thanksgiving. We miss them so much but we are so lucky that they've come out twice since we've lived here. We had dinner with them and their family but it wasn't Thanksgiving dinner, just good ol' Karen Pierce cooking which we desperately miss! After that we went over to Jeff and Rachelle's for the Office which was a rerun. sad.
Carter and his favorite girlfriend Hailey.

Hailey, Aden and Carter Pierce

Hailey and Carter sharing a moment over some apple juice

A very tired boy after leaving Jeff and Chelle's
Friday: We spent most of the day talking to our families with Skype . It was great to see my family and have them see Carter. I was so bummed to be missing Thanksgiving at my Mom's (especially since she used my favorite china and served olive tepanade). This was the first time I haven't been there so it made me a little sad.
I cheered up in the evening because Hailey came and stayed the night after their Thanksgiving dinner. It's been forever since we had a girls night! We put an air mattress in the living room and gave Dave the bedroom all to himself. We had McFlurrys, watched Can't Hardly Wait and stayed up until about 2:30 talking. Luckily Carter slept from 8PM to 9:30AM!!!!! So we got to sleep in. Hooray! When I was feeding Carter today he wouldn't stop smiling at Hailey and talking to her. It was very cute. Sadly she had to leave and the Pierces are going back to Cali. We will miss them.
Since Carter always takes cute pictures in front of the pumpkins we decided we would too. This is for you Karen.

We're Jack o' lanterns!!! We could not stop laughing!

Snuggling on the air mattress.

It was a great couple of days full of food, friends and family! Sadly, life must go on and we can't have Thanksgiving year round.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Becca!

Happy birthday Becca! I hope it is great! Thanks for being my friend for 16 years (2/3 of my life!) Hopefully I see you before your wedding!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaisa!!!!

Happy Birthday Kaisa! I can't tell you how much I miss you! My life is definitely not as silly being this far from you! I have to rely on Dave for my dumb jokes now. Stinking of you always. Make yourself a cheesecake from me. :) Love you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So far on our fake Thanksgiving.

What do you eat on Thanksgiving?


Rice cereal?
And pumpkin pie for dessert!

The perfect pile of leaves.

Carter and Mommy.

So much for a mama's boy...


2 in a row! Holy Cow!

We've been having issues with Carter's choice in sleeping positions tonight (face in the bumper, completely sideways with no room...) so I've had to move him several times. I was about to go to bed but decided to check on him one last time. This is what I found:


Blog hiatus

Well devoted fans, We stink. I've been so faithful to you in the past but for the past few days nothing. It seems like every time I sit down at the computer I am sending out 10 or so resumes and getting far too many rejections. Honestly, it feels like all I've done the past week or so is send out resumes and watch Gilmore Girls. I actually had to check my camera to see if I'd done anything else. Here are the pictures I found:

I made Carter this tag blanket one night when I was bored. It was all stuff I had so no money was spent.

The boys wore Ute colors to church just to gloat after the big game.

It seems like Carter wants to learn to crawl. I've been putting him on the floor more.

World's most ghetto Chocolate mousse tort. My spring form pan is at Kaisa's house in Santa Rosa so Rachelle and I improvised with a pie plate, foil and some yarn. I will take a picture of the real beauty of it tomorrow.

And that's pretty much what I've been doing. Not much more than resumes and Gilmore Girls. I am planning on calling every Allstate office in Salt Lake on Monday (I figure Thanksgiving weekend would be a bad time to call) and attempting to find a day job. It's where I have my experience. Yes, I am completely crushed that I will only get to spend 3 hours a day with my child but I have to do it and it's only temporary. Dave will switch to looking for night jobs. Hopefully this will help us both find something. And fast!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look who's talking.

While Daddy watched and listened to the game Carter and I tried everything we could to get his attention! Here are pictures and a video of us entertaining ourselves.

dada dada dada.... DAHHHHHH!

Good news, bad news.

The Utes won. That's the good news. I have a happy hubby.

The bad news: some of you have gotten text messages or phone calls letting you know but for the rest of our family and friends back home, the bad news is we will most likely not be going home for the holidays. As much as this disappoints everyone else (not to mention how awful we feel and how sad we are) we think that canceling our trip is the only thing that will help us find jobs. Who wants to hire someone that is already planning to take the holidays off. We will have a credit from our tickets so once both of us get settled in a job and can take time off we will fly out. This isn't definite, but we're pretty sure about it. Please pray/cross your fingers that we will find jobs soon. Even canceling our trip is no guarantee.

The big game!

Today is the U of U vs BYU game! Go UTES!!! This morning the Elder's quorum in our ward played a football game. The Ute fans wore red and the Cougar fans wore blue and that determined which team you were on. Unfortunately for Dave the blue team won, but I'm NOT expecting the blue team to win this evening! Me, Liz, Max and Carter watched and talked as the boys played.

Hidy Ho Neighbor!

So, right after I finished my previous blog I heard a knock on the door, after midnight. It freaked me out so I woke Dave up to see who it was. He checked and he said no one was there but then they knocked again. I looked out the baby's window and saw our barefoot downstairs neighbor who happens to be in our ward. Turns out our water heater is leaking and dripping into their apartment. Tomorrow I will be giving them our phone number so they don't freak me out at midnight again!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Never mind that it's a bad picture of me, who does Carter look like?! Yeah, he's my kid! I was worried for a while there.