Friday, June 29, 2007

Things are going good

I'm at the point where I love my job, I get time with my husband and eating good food while sticking to my diet and feeling healthy! I know life is full of ups and downs, but it's the ups that keep you going.
I am looking forward to the coming month:
July 4th Both Dave and I have a day off and will no doubt be doing something spectacular
July 11th 12:00AM Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out and we've already got our tickets
July 19th Dave turns 27!!!
July 21 12:00AM Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out and we've already pre-ordered our copies
July 22nd-29th UTAH!!!!
July 23rd Vince turns... 27!!!
July 30th I turn 23!!!!

So, it's a busy month, but all really good things. We will not be doing IUI in July since we will be in Utah when it is due to happen. I'm ok with that... I could use a little time to recover from the stress before trying again. We will plan on August and hope for the best.

As of now, Things are good.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Plans change.

We have definitely been busy: Amanda and Nathan's wedding, a baseball game, watching an entire season of Project Runway in 3 days. It's been busy, but it's been nice to be doing all this together. With Dave out of school we've been able to enjoy each other and finally just be married. It's a nice feeling to know you get to actually do stuff together.
We recently attended an infertility seminar/workshop and it was great! We both came out of it very glad we had gone although we were the only people under the age of 37! It was nice to hear other people's experiences and how they coped with the heartache of it all and it got us talking more about options down the road. It's nice to know there are ways to get a family if you have trouble getting there yourselves.
We also made the decision not to do IUI this month like we had planned. We were having trouble interpreting my ovulation kit and it was putting too much stress on the already stressful situation so we decided to spend the money we would be spending on the IUI on a fertility monitor instead. We are hoping the this will not only benefit us now, but in trying to conceive our future kids as well. It was more of an investment, so we are hoping it is worth it. And of course, as I had predicted, a few hours after we bought the monitor my kit changed. I'm still glad we made this decision and I am not discouraged for this month or any month to come. It will happen.
We also changed our vacation plans this year from girl's camp to Utah for a week. We went on the overnight hike up in Mount Hood and I had an epiphany. It is going to be extremely expensive and just an all around pain in the butt for me to take all of my own food up to camp and prepare it all myself. There were several factors that went into this decision and I'm sad that I won't get to enjoy the camp experience and spend a week with Karen acting completely stupid, but I know this is the right decision and I am very relieved. It will also be nice to see all my family and David's friends in Utah.
Needless to say we change our plans quite often. Hey plans change... get used to it!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

We're still here...

I had hoped that Dave would be the one to write this blog, thus the reason for my absence from the blogging world, but I have had several requests for an update and... well... he's taking too long (sorry honey, love you!)
If you haven't heard already our first attempt at the IUI was a failure. We had thought that we would not be able to try it again this month due to money issues so when we found out I was really upset. I went into this hermit-like state that I am still not completely out of (sorry if I have not returned your calls...) The good news: We have both been working 10 hour days and have decided to go ahead with it again this month. We know it is right and that's all that matters. I still have hope that it will be successful and I ask all of you to pray for us and/or send good thoughts our way. The most probable date of the procedure will be the 23rd of June.

Good news: I'm on clomid and have little to no side effects. I've been drowsy, but that could also be from the 10 hour days. We are going on an over night hike tomorrow night for camp (Dave is going as the one priesthood holder.) I am excited, but I am worried about the drowsiness. At least he will be there to watch out for me.
We've had lots of stuff going on and I will blog more about it all later, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing alright and have hope for this month.
Love you all.