Monday, April 30, 2007


So I've been doing a little research on IUI and what could possibly happen as a result... Turns out it increases our chances of multiples by a whole lot. Someone Noelle knows did IUI (they did it 2 days in a row and we are starting with 1) and are now pregnant with triplets! What if we did have more than one baby? Would it be so bad? I think I would be extremely happy considering we've been having so much trouble.
Now here's the funny thing, it's most likely just coincidence, but it's fun to think it could be a sign. Yesterday I sat next to 2 pregnant women, one was having twins. And today (this is really a stretch... but just humor me) I did a submission at work for a business called "Twins Auto Repair." Yes, I know I am absolutely just looking for things to be signs, but it is a possibility and it would be great if it happened.
For now maybe I will just hope for 1 baby because even that's not guaranteed.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Cat Scratch Fever!!!!

Ok, so everyone knows I love my cats (in fact many people mock me for my "obsession" with them) well one of them has finally made it to my naughty list! I was having trouble sleeping last night so I decided to watch a movie in bed and of course the cats decided to join me. So Pele took his normal spot laying on my mid section and Atticus was, as usual, up by my head. The movie was ending so I called David (he was in the other room doing homework) and he was going to come in and turn off the movie and such. Well, when he walked in the cats freaked! Atticus ran away but not before scratching the heck out of my face. I quickly put my hand up to it because it hurt and that's just what you do when something hurts and then when I turned to Dave and took my hand down he exclaimed "Oh my Gosh!!" or something like unto it and totally freaked me out. Well I could see that my hand was completely covered in blood, but I had no idea of the condition of my face. So Dave ran and got a towel and put it over my face and when he took that off it was also covered in blood. I was just sitting there thinking I must be scarred for life or at least hideously ugly at that moment in time. We couldn't get the bleeding to stop for a little while and then I had to put an ice pack on it to get the swelling to go down and I was dead tired because it was midnight and I haven't gotten much sleep lately. Needless to say it was not a fun experience. I did however think to grab the camera amidst all of the crying and screaming so we were able to document this lovely occasion. We will be adding pictures this weekend so if you want to see my face come check it out. I look awful and it still hurts.


Love grandma.

This picture is from the next day and it is covered with make up. I will put better ones on here.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Countdown to Pottermaina!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Us chaperoning the prom. I figured it was an opportunity to get all dressed up and for Dave to wear his choir tux that he spent a bunch of money on and only wore like twice...

I got these flowers from a florist in railroad square and thought they were really pretty. The great thing is they are still good so I am wearing them in my hair right now. I hope to wear them tomorrow too, but we'll see.

Me and pretty little Hailey goofing off as usual.

One of my Young women, Catie, looking amazingly beautiful. Hair and makeup courtesy of moi.

Catie, Alexa and Hailey... The 3 most beautiful girls at the prom! (Yes. I am biased.)

Well, It ended up being a great day/evening. I was totally ahead of schedule the whole day and I ended up ready by like 11:00 which is insane. I ended up doing Catie's hair and all three girls' make up so that was fun. Apparently I did a good enough job because I am doing Catie's hair and makeup for her school prom next Saturday AND I'm also doing Amee's (another of my Young Women.) It looks like I will have to continue practicing this week.

During the dance we stuck ourselves at the end of 2 hallways and set up our portable DVD player. We watched all of "Singing in the Rain" (which was very fitting considering the weather that evening) and part of "The Emperor's New Groove". Throughout the evening we had several visitors in our little corner; both fellow chaperons and some of the youth who were looking over our shoulder at the movie or just handing me there shoes to keep an eye on. It was another fun evening and it was nice to see all the kids cleaned up and looking good, and speaking of looking good check out the "pimpmeister" Jonathan.

Dollar store fun!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

No, it's not our wedding anniversary, but today marks exactly 5 years of our first time holding hands in public! We went and saw E.T. in the theatre and I was completely terrified (yes. I have the scare tolerance of a 4 year old) so Dave was loving every minute of it. I know this makes me sound like a stupid sappy sentimental weirdo... and maybe I am, but is there really anything wrong with that? It was a big day for us!
So at lunch today I went and got Dave an "anniversary" present. You guessed it... E.T. on DVD!

Tonight we are going to be making corsages and boutineers (sp?) for the priest and laurel prom. It is definitely going to be a crazy day tomorrow because I am doing one of girl's hair and 2 of the girls' make up, plus my own. It will be fun though and for any of you that have seen me all this week you know that I have been practicing my updos for the occasion (except today... had to rock the "poof".) It should be a good day and I'm sure that we will be posting lots of good pictures on Sunday.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

yet another project.

We went to Joann Fabrics last night with the Young Women and as usual I found another project to start and mess up the house with. Hailey found a really cute shrug pattern and I really hope I end up doing this one because you can never have too many shrugs. I got the pattern and this greenish curtainy looking fabric and now I have to go back to get lining fabric. Loke told me and Hailey she would help us so hopefully they will turn out cute. If so I may even post pictures on here!

I have a stake meeting tonight, but I'm actually looking forward to it because it is my bi-annual (or however often it is) date with Karen. Hi Karen! You will probably be the first person to read this! See you tonight!
Other than that... well, I will post more this weekend. It's another busy one.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

nothing new

Not much is going on here. Last night I had my weekly American Idol/dinner date with Sherry Moore and it proved to be all that I could hope for... Sanjaya stunk it up and Phil my favorite may have done a good enough job to keep him around one more week (even though I know he's going home soon.)
I have Young Women's tonight and we are taking a little trip to the fabric store which is the worst place for me to go when I'm trying not to spend money. Oh well, it will be fun.

Not much else to report. Sorry but this is what we are normally like. Concerts and exploding toilets are actually a rare occurrence.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A seriously crappy evening.

So much for spring cleaning! We spent all night cleaning up our bathroom after our toilet and our shower regurgitated all over the place with the same brown smelly "water." The plumber came and as soon as he detached our toilet from the ground and brought a very large dirty machine into our apartment I had to leave because I was going to start hyperventilating so I went and got dinner. By the time I got back the plumber (who coincidentally was named John) was gone and the house smelled remarkably like sewer. So we went to target and bought new towels (since ours were soaked through with the nasty "crap" that was coming out of our toilet) and while we were there we got a new shower curtain (also destroyed and smelly) and a new bath mat and rug. At least now our bathroom is clean and we needed new towels anyway, it just literally stinks that we had that big of a reason to do it!

Monday, April 16, 2007

We really aren't this interesting!

Don't let our blog fool you, normally we just sit around and do nothing! But as Dave said it was another fun weekend. I cannot believe he let me cut his hair, I was so nervous I was almost crying! I guess he let me because he isn't afraid to shave his head if he ever needs to... He is far too nice to me! Saturday was supposed to be "get things done day" for me, but that didn't happen so now tonight is another night of spring cleaning. Hopefully we get farther tonight than we normally do.
Well, so far we have been unable to sell David's explorer and if we do not sell it by the end of May we probably won't be able to go on a vacation to Monterey which is a bummer, but there are more important things in life than whale watching and the aquarium and I'm sure that we will be able to go someday. We will just keep our fingers crossed that we can sell that car soon. If anybody knows anyone who might be interested in a 2 door Explorer give us a holler!
Dave already mentioned our doctor's appointment so I won't b0re you with another account, I just have to say that I am very relieved. I am probably more scared now than I was then, but also much more excited. It will most likely be a slightly difficult process for us, with all the extra hormones and the crazy time constraints I have no idea how it wouldn't be, but like Dave said it will be worth it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Let me just summarize...

Hey there, it's your old pal David. It has been another busy weekend for the Menn, so for me to give a detailed account would be a little overwhelming. So let me sum up...

After a good couple of months, I finally got a much needed haircut. But that is not the noteworthy part...Brook was the one with the clippers in her hand. As you can tell by the photo, I'm well pleased with the result. I guess she is a natural.

Later that evening, I got to show off my new look at the wedding reception for Becca "Davis" and her new hubbie. It was held at the Santa Rosa Country Club, featuring a nice reception hall and good food. Becca is yet another one of Brook's friends from her young women's group that has gotten married recently, or is about to. It was much fun!

Saturday was "Girls Nite", involving chick flicks and face masks. We ate tuna melts and pasta salad, watched "Bridget Jones' Diary" and "A Cinderella Story", and applied Mary Kay products to our facial area. The sad part was that I had to show Brook how to put the face mask on (i learned on the mission, part of the beautification process). If you ask me, it takes a real mann to enjoy this kind of activity!

This is what I call the "I hate computers, but I want mine back now!" face. Here I am talking to my computer guru Jim Jones about the "patient". At first, he said we might have to back up all our files onto DVDs and start with a clean slate. After tinkering around, he called back with better news that didn't require the original plan, but instead involved us simply reinstalling our Internet provider software (a much easier process). My face then changed to the "Computers are man's best friend" face and all was right with the world.

As for the event that was not documented with pictures, Brook's doctors appointment went very well. We are going to begin the process of IUI ("artificial insemination") in a month and it looks very encouraging. Brook was worried that her gluten allergies would prevent us from going through with IUI for a while, but her doctor said she had never read anything that confirmed what Brook read about high gluten levels causing miscarriages. So instead of Brook getting blood work done to check her levels, I get to have blood work done to check for STD's (according to state law concerning IUI). YEA! It's a good thing that all this is worth the end result.

Friday, April 13, 2007

My appointment today

OK, this may sound stupid, but I am really scared about my appointment today. It seems like every time one of us goes to the doctor all we get is more and more bad news and I don't think I can take more bad news right now. I've finally started thinking this is going to happen and I will just fall apart if they say something to the contrary. This process is so emotionally taxing... I feel like I'm on a freaking roller coaster...

Not to be.

We decided that now is not the right time for the added stress, So I will not be a personal shopper anytime in the near future.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

To be or not to be....?

I'm slightly torn right now because I have the opportunity to apply to be a personal shopper for Shade clothing (a cute, modest clothing company) and I was really excited about but now I'm not so sure. I mean I still might want to do it, but there are certain things that I am worried about. Mostly, I'm afraid that I will inconvenience my friends or others by trying to get them to host parties. The thing is though, that it is a good product, relatively inexpensive and people would get a discount going through me so it could be really good for my friends. I think I am going to weigh the pros and cons and see what I want to do. It could be a great opportunity for me, but then again it could be added stress that I don't really need.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I am going a bit nuts today because I am once again the only underwriter in the auto department! Seriously... I've had idiots calling me all day and not just any idiots, but 2 idiots have been calling me ALL DAY! Non stop! One of them kept calling harassing me for a quote even though I told her I was the only one here and that there were several quotes in front of hers. I told her I hadn't gotten her the quote yet because people kept calling me.... Meaning her! Then when I finally got her the quote it was like $3,000 higher than the other quote the insured had gotten from the same company so she called me, again, to ask why and when I told her that I had only entered the information I was given she thought I was accusing her of fraud and THEN she started accusing the other agent of fraud saying that they put in the wrong zip code ON PURPOSE! I swear this woman is crazy and she is driving me there too. AND to top it all off... I have to endure an extra hour of this since we won't have any coverage! This stinks. Well, my only break of the day is over so I better get my head glued back to my phone.

Think happy thoughts... think happy thoughts...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sleep easy

I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it is to be comfortable! I used to think I could sleep on anything, but now I know I am seriously like the Princess and the pea. I've been having trouble sleeping in our bed lately and having problems with my hips hurting so yesterday we went and got a memory foam mattress topper and I have not slept that good in ages! The best part is... Dave didn't snore because he was able to sleep on his side comfortably. I can't even believe the difference it makes! We still have to work on getting the cats not to wake us up all night, but even so quality of sleep is more important than quantity!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Goin' on a picnic is loads of fun!

Brook and I had a great time on our hike/picnic up above spring lake. Not only was the scenery beautiful, it was also beneficial for us to get some exercise and fresh air. We packed a nice spread and went to the same location Brook went to on her sunrise fireside on Saturday. We played some cribbage and I did a little exploring in the surrounding area (Brook was sure that i was going to fall down and break the camera...which was very possible). Enjoy the pictures of our great time out!

Reader of the week

Dave and I just wanted to recognize our most avid blog reader the beautiful, talented
Thanks for taking a break from Harry Potter to read about us! We love you!

Holy cow!

Did Dave actually post?????? I'm shocked! Looks like nagging does work after all! :)

So as he said the concert was amazing. The funny part was we were totally not ourselves there! We were screaming and singing at the top of our lungs and we even danced... in front of everyone. Luckily, no one was hurt this time! I was so glad that Dave's first concert experience was a good one because now it will be easier to convince him to go next time! And... I can now finally hear out of my left ear again.

So, my weekend actually wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. We weren't out nearly as late as I thought we would be either night which was nice, although the 6am Sunrise fireside did still seem very early. It was actually really fun except it was quite a hike up to where we were going which I wasn't expecting so I wore crappy shoes that were practically slippers and sweats that were WAY too long and since it started raining I got covered in mud. Under different circumstances (better weather, better shoes and not at 6 am) it would have been awesome, but unfortunately I think I murmered more than I should have. The spot that we had the fireside was so beautiful that instead of going to the A's game tonight (which was sold out and will no doubt be a mad house) we are going to hike up there and have a picnic dinner. It should be fun.

In other news: In the past I've had dreams where I was given a baby girl and the other night I had a dream that I physically had a baby myself. This time it was a baby boy. I think I had this dream because now I'm starting to believe it's actually going to happen and sometime soon. I think this new found faith can do nothing but help.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

A fun weekend: the male perspective

Sound the trumpets, Dave is finally writing a blog! Anyway, this weekend was a blast. All it took was one concert and now I am addicted. The concert took place outside at the beautiful Konocti Harbor Resort overlooking Clear Lake. Luckily it wasn't raining. Jason Aldean was the opening act (known by country music listeners for "amarillo sky" and "hicktown"), singing along side his "punk" looking lead guitarist. They put on a good show and even played some Guns & Roses songs. But I had no idea what a contrast there was between an opening act and the main event. Rascal Flatts came out amid lights, fireworks, and had a huge setup of tv's in the background. I have seen concerts on tv at awards shows and such, but nothing compares with the real thing. I hope I will be able to go to more concerts throughout the summer, if time and money permits.

Rascal Flatts singing one of our songs

Pictures from this weekend

Friday, April 6, 2007

My Favorite Season

So on top of my busy weekend, Monday night I will now be attending the A's home opener! I LOVE BASEBALL SEASON! My friend sent me a text message yesterday saying "we should go to opening day" and viola... now we are going. We still have to get tickets though, I hope they aren't sold out! I'm not exactly sure I will be able to stay awake for the game, but I will sure try.

Other than that the only thing new is that I'm having a really bad hair day today. I tried to curl my hair and for some reason it was not happy about it...

OH! And David dropped Calculus! That means that he will not only have Tuesday and Thursday evenings free to spend with me, but that he may actually have time to blog so that it won't just be me on here! That would definitely be nice. Needless to say it was a good decision since he has already passed it and was just taking it over for fun.

I am hoping to post pictures from the events of this weekend so come back and check if you feel so inclined. Wishing everyone a fantastic baseball season... GO A's!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Busy weekend!

OK, so I'm realizing that I am totally over booking myself this weekend, but everything I'm doing is going to be really exciting and fun so I don't really have a choice. This is what I have planned:

  • Friday 1pm- Leave work and drive with Emily to Sacramento for Noelle's baby shower! The shower starts at 7 so that means we definitely will be up late!
  • Saturday 6am- Sunrise fireside with the Young men and Young women in my ward. I missed it last year and I heard it was incredible, so I WILL NOT miss it this year!
  • Saturday 3pm- Dave and I drive out to Konocti to see Rascal Flatts and won't get home until probably very early Sunday morning.
  • Sunday 11am- Church... not just church... Easter church.
  • Sunday 3pm-6pm- NAP!!!!!!
  • Sunday 6ish- Dinner with the fam.
  • And Monday morning- work at 7 am! I will be exhausted by then!

BUT... It's totally worth it and it will probably be one of the best weekends I've had in a while! I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Things always turn out ok...

Last month was a really tough month for us financially and we were totally stressed out. I know this is a normal thing for newlyweds/college students but that doesn't make it any easier. Well, it's funny that whenever times are tough you scrape and safe and always make it through ok and then something great happens and you are back in the game! Dave just got a bonus from his work which in my opinion couldn't have come at a better time. It is such a relief to both of us! I am so glad that we are continuing to do what we need to do to survive and working together as a team. It is nice to make these good habits now when we are only supporting ourselves.

On top of having money to pay our bills and put into savings we also got an opportunity to buy tickets for a concert we both really wanted to go to the same day Dave got his bonus so we decided we would go! I am so excited because it is a group that we both really like! Rascal Flatts! I'm sure I will be blogging about the concert after we go so I will save my excitement for that, but it is just so nice to know that if you do what you are supposed to do everything will turn out ok.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Upcoming Doctor's Appointment

I'm pretty excited because I finally made a doctors appointment to get my gluten levels checked and start the process of preparing for IUI. We wanted to try IUI as soon as possible, but we prayed about it and got our answer from a web discussion about gluten and infertility. Apparently you should be on the gluten free diet for 6 to 12 months prior to getting pregnant or you could be at serious risk for miscarriage or still birth. In my opinion it is not worth the risk so we've decided to be sure my gluten levels are normal before going through with the IUI, but of course I need to run all this past my doctor. The cruddy thing is my appointment is on Friday the 13th! Luckily, I am not a superstitious person and I've decided that Friday the 13th will be a great day. Hopefully going into it with that state of mind will help!

Also, I cannot wait until our home computer gets fixed so I can actually post pictures on here. Hopefully sometime soon...

Monday, April 2, 2007

Looking forward to a break!

I can't even say how badly I want it to be May 27th! Dave graduates on the 26th and we are going on a trip to Monterey for our anniversary. We definitely need time away. I am so stressed about work and it doesn't seem to be improving and the worst of it all is that Dave is not only working 40+ hours a week he is also a full time student at the JC. Ahhhhh! Won't next year be nice when we will be able to relax and get our lives in order and ready to move. I know the worst is yet to come (Dave still has years of schooling left) but the idea of having a whole year to spend some time together is what gets me through the craziness. When even the thought of a 2 day vacation makes you drool with delight, you know it's time for a break!