Friday, March 5, 2010

Lunch date!

My boys met me at work today and swept me off to Subway for a lunch date. We've been trying to eat healthier so we have been going to Subway and eating off their fresh fit menu whenever we want to eat out. We've never thought to get Carter a sandwich until today when we ordered him a kid's fresh fit meal. It was so cute and came in this little re-usable lunch sack with a handle and velcro that Carter enjoyed carrying around. We had so much fun that I've begged Dave and Carter to come rescue me every Friday that I work!

Carter trying his Turkey sub. We had to teach him to hold it with 2 hands but he caught on quick and continued to hold it right the whole time.

The kid's meal comes with apple slices so here he is saying "apples"

He wanted some juice but refused to put down his yummy sandwich

Looks like somebody loves Subway!

It was so fun and I loved seeing my boys in the middle of the day!!

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