Saturday, June 5, 2010


First off Happy anniversary to my hubby of 5 years yesterday! Love him! So, we had a very busy day yesterday which started out with a friend of mine taking some pictures of our family at Wheeler Farm. Alicia is starting a photography business and wanted some photos for her portfolio so she was offering free shoots. How could I turn that down? Here are a few of her favorites that I stole from her blog. I will post more when I get them all.

Since it was our anniversary we wanted a few of just us.

Carter singing "do as I'm doing"

The boys look cute. I kept putting myself in awkward positions which made for awkward faces...

The guys

I was standing on a picnic bench 2 ish feet away and leaning against this tree.


Carter's new thing is honking noses. His own... or anyone else that will let him! I'm so glad she caught that.

I cannot believe how grown up and good looking my little Mann is. I am so grateful to Alicia for the free photos and think she did a great job capturing Carter's fun personality and rugged good looks.

Thank you Alicia! You are amazing!!