Sunday, December 26, 2010


Dave and I have had many discussions about the size of our family. We started out wanting 4 kids but we've hit a few road blocks, had some health concerns and been told "no" so many times by doctors that we've been forced to sit down and have even more discussions about it. While we were pregnant with Jude we had a scare that basically made us decide what our plans were for kids in the future and we decided that we were grateful for what we have been given and we are a happy complete family. We know it is ultimately up to Heavenly Father and if we are supposed to have another one he will find a way but we are so happy knowing that we are done with the stress of "trying" for another. No more hormones. No more wanting, praying and hoping for something that seems impossible. No more spending loads of money on procedures that don't work or doctor's visits that just give us bad news. We are so happy with our 2 boys and are excited to see what is in store for our little family of 4 in the future. I know this means I won't get the little dresses or ballet classes or any of the fun, cute things that come along with having a little girl but I am completely ok with that. I have nieces and friends with little girls. I get baseball games and mama's boys. Missions and video games. Honestly the only thing that makes me sad about not having a girl is that I won't get to use the totally perfect girl's names I picked out years ago. Other than that I am happy with my fellas. I am happy having only 2 kids. I am happy with my complete family of 4 and wouldn't want it any other way. We are excited to be done with that phase of life and move on to raising our boys. And we will be empty nesters at about 46 and 50 years old. Not bad at all. We are grateful for what we have been blessed with and know we have been given 2 miracles. Who could ask for more than that.

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Emily said...

Your family is adorable! We love you guys, EM & Chris