Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mamma Mia Carter's Three-a!

This past Saturday was Carter's 3rd birthday party. We did a make your own pizza party since Carter is very into cooking lately. I made each of the kids a little apron and a mustache (which none of them really used) and got pizza boxes and chef's hats. It was very fun and very chaotic and I can't believe my big little Mann is going to be 3 in a few days. Enjoy these pictures of his fun day!
The favor for each of the kids

All set up for the pizza party

So excited for his party

Waiting for his friends

Cute Cassidy

Asking Kamai to use your camera to take pictures yields interesting results. Lesson learned.

Yummy sauce!


My little cook!



10 minutes is a long time to wait for pizza!!

The kid's creations

Itsa me, Mario!


Liz and Max. Liz was wearing Max's apron in hopes that he would want to wear it.

I made a cake

Blowing out his candles

Big boy with his pizza cake

Jude with his new best bud Kolten

We finished the day off reading Carter's new favorite book


Elizabeth said...

So cute, that was such a fun party! You did a great job. Max, by the way, has been inseparable from his "big boy apron" since Saturday. He wore it to play in the snow this weekend, and he wore it to bed last night.

Just Nathan said...

What a great party! I love everything about it. You are such a great mom, not to mention a real looker:)

Mame Voelker said...

Awww man! I did it again. That was from me, Mame:)