Saturday, January 28, 2012

Taming the mess!

I'm literally embarrassed to blog this and I pray you don't judge me for the before pictures. It's no secret that our place could use some organizational help. Frankly, when I get home from work I would much rather do something I enjoy than clean and organize my house. That being said... it is definitely time. I found this 52 weeks to an organized home challenge and have accepted. I've decided to hold myself accountable by showing you all our progress with before and after shots. The first challenge was kitchen organization: counter tops and sinks. We basically had to decide what we use often and what we could put somewhere else. In the end... who needs 3 timers?
Here are the before and after pictures... Don't judge.


Raphelle said...

That looks great! And what a great challenge... I'm thinking of doing it as well. But will I? Hmm...

Lindsay said...


you guys look great. I am glad to hear things are gong well. Brook email me -

Id love to chat with you and see how things are going !

Lindsay Dawn Mulic