Saturday, April 28, 2012

50 Free Dates: A Game and a Movie

Brook and I had our 2nd free date last night, this time in the comforts of our own home.  Once the boys were in bed, I inflated our aerobed and we played some cribbage.  We figured it had been about 5 years since we last played, so we reviewed the rules and then Brook let me win (wink wink).  

Next I popped some popcorn, set up my laptop, and snuggled up to Brook while we watched a documentary called "Happy".  We heard about the movie from the Ellen Show, when she had the director on as a guest.  He went from living the Hollywood lifestyle (Huge house, nice cars, fancy restaurants) to living in a trailer park as a result of a serious motorcycle crash that nearly took his life.  He looked at that event as an opportunity to reevaluate his life and understand what would bring him true happiness.  The documentary portrays the lives of happy people from all over the world, depicting what elements bring them happiness.  As expected, money is not one of them.  Ellen mentioned that the documentary was currently a free rental through iTunes, so Brook and I watched and enjoyed.  Here is a trailor for the film:

Overall, we had a fun night together without spending a dime.  We are enjoying these dates so much we might do them a couple times a week, once school is out.

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