Sunday, July 20, 2008

A series of unfortunate events

This weekend was a crazy and exciting one. Brook's Dad was visiting in the Bay Area on Friday, so we met up with him, his wife and step-daughter in San Jose. Brook's best friend from 3rd grade lives down there, so we decided to spend the day with her before meeting up with Brook's Dad in the evening. On our way to San Jose, we experienced a close call on the road. A station wagon (one of the old kinds with the fake wood on the sides) started to merge into the slow lane from the middle lane, where another car was currently positioned. The wagon soon realized the problem, but over corrected, causing the wagon to fish-tail sideways into our lane (the fast lane) about twenty feet ahead of us. Recognizing the situation, I let off the gas and waited to perform some crazy maneuvers to avoid a serious accident. Luckily, the wagon went back across the freeway in front of the car it originally hit, sweeping both cars off to the side of the freeway and out of our path. It was scary!

After arriving to San Jose, we met up with Becca, Brook's friend, and went out to lunch at P. F. Chang's. This time I was unable to avoid a "serious" accident. I had Carter on my lap near the end of lunch and a full glass of Coke in front of me on the table. I was very careful all throughout lunch to make sure Carter didn't get his hand in someone's food or anything like that, but I guess I got lazy after a while. During the waitress' speech about the different desserts, I transfered Carter from one knee to the other and in mid flight, Carter grabbed the glass of Coke and spilled it into my lap. Luckily, the restaurant was in the mall, so we went to Gap and I got new clothes. Once again, everything worked out fine.

Saturday was my 28th birthday!! YEA!!! Actually, I am not a big fan of birthdays, so I tried to be a good sport. Brook baked me a birthday cake and got some help from my mom (the pro) in decorating it. I was amazed at how well it turned out, both the decoration and the taste. I am so proud of Brook and her ability to learn new talents. We also went and visited Atticus at his new home. He is now living with Brook's Brother's girlfriend and seems to be doing well in his new environment. In the evening, we went to my co-worker's wedding reception at the Union Hotel restaurant in Occidental. Carter got all dolled up in one of his argyle sweaters and slept for most of the time we were there. It was definetly a busy two days.

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