Sunday, October 11, 2009

Babies, Baseballs, Birds and big boys!

I have a lot of pictures I haven't blogged so I'm catching up.

Carter's babies (as he calls them) Jazzy and Ferguson. I realised what a big boy he was when I told Noelle to ask him if he wanted to take Jazzy upstairs because he would understand.
Carter loves his ear muffs. He always wants me to put them on him and he runs around the house in them.
We went to the aviary with Auntie Chelle, Dorsey and her baby Christian. I wanted to see how Carter measured up to the birds. He was half way between a flamingo...

...and an owl.

Carter obviously didn't want to be in his stroller...

Today was Carter's first official day of nursery and he did better than expected. I stayed for about 15 minutes and tried to leave once but he started crying. About a minute later he was distracted with a puzzle and I snuck out the other door. I am grateful Isaiah is in nursery with him for the next few months, however trying to get a picture of the 2 of them was interesting...

My big 18 month old!


Dad and Mom Mann said...

I absolutely love all these pictures...yes, every single one. They are great. Thanks for being so good at taking pictures to share with us.

The Iiames-Berry-Mann Family said...

WOW! It is amazing to see how big Carter is now. A year is a long time for babies.
Love you guys!