Friday, December 11, 2009

We're still here

My goodness. I can't even tell you how long it's been since I sat down and blogged! I just wanted to do some updates on what's going on with us.
  • Carter can almost sing his ABCs and count to 10! Not sure he knows what he's saying but he's saying it!
  • Dave and Brook are training for a half marathon (or a 10K depending how the training goes.)
  • Dave is almost done with this semester and will be taking 2 classes next semester while working on his portfolio for architecture school.
  • Brook passed her life and health insurance exam (old news but I'm still excited about it!)

And now our baby drama:

We stopped using clomid last month thinking that we could only be on it for 6 months and then we'd have to take a year off. Well, when I went to the doctor today she said this was not the case! She told me I could go right back on as soon as I wanted! She also gave me the paperwork and information for IUI (artificial insemination) which we did once when we were trying for Carter. We swore we would never do it again but things change. We are thinking we will do our first try in February. We are both very excited but happy to have a little break to take care of ourselves. We will keep you all updated.

That's it for now. I will try to do better at updating.


Emily said...

Good to hear what you've been up to... you didn't put "recovering from 33 people in my house", but I guess that's just implied!

Amy and Brandon said...

we had iui's with every cycle when we were on clomid (5 months) and injections. the 1st time was the worst, but trust me, it did get easier...and hopefully, if you don't get pregnant before will take just the one more time! (but it really shouldn't be as bad as the first time becuz u know what to expect). good luck with it all!