Friday, May 28, 2010

Because I'm too lazy to upload the pictures twice...

This is what we've been up to lately (in scrapbook form):

We had a great Mother's Day and I don't think I stepped foot in the kitchen once! I woke up to the smell of blueberry muffins (yum!) and the treats continued throughout the day. The page below was made by Dave and the painting that they are holding was done by both of them. Dave did the paint and the white part has crayon drawings by Carter.

We decided to have a family day so we went out for frozen yogurt and to Wheeler Farm. Carter is really into farm animals right now and the farm is free so we've been a few times and he loves it. The page below actually won me $100 gift certificate for How Fast Time Flies in their Mother's Day page contest.

Since the weather has been decent (some days) and since Elmo got a tricycle in a recent episode of Sesame Street Carter has been obsessed with riding his "ficycle". He is getting better every day and knows that he can't ride it without his "hat".

I don't have a scrapbook page for this but Grover (baby #2) is doing great. We had a doctor's appointment last Friday and going into it I was a bit nervous about the possibility of twins. I've been getting very big VERY fast and been really sick all the time which didn't happen with Carter. Everyone around me kept planting the twin seeds in my mind and I just wanted confirmation that they were wrong. When I went in and she checked me she was able to find a heartbeat (which is great for only 9 weeks which is what I was at the time) but she said I was measuring 2 weeks ahead and that I would need an ultrasound to make sure of dates and number of babies. Fantastic.

We went in yesterday for the sonogram and I am happy to report there will be only 1 Christmas miracle joining our family this year. It was fun to see little Grover, who is measuring exactly at my due date, although it still doesn't feel real to me. Dave says Grover "looks like a girl" and that he "just got a feeling" it was a girl when we were looking at "her". We'll see I guess.

And that's the update. Below is a picture of me at only 9 weeks. In case you thought I was exaggerating.


tt said...

Hi Brook, Noelle's friend Terry here. Almost everyone I've ever known says you get bigger faster the second time around although you don't necessarily get bigger overall. I think the body just says "Oh I remember this. We're going to need a lot of room...let's get ready!!" lol I'm so excited for you guys!

Emily said...

Your bump looks so cute! Love you!

Maria said...

Cute bump! Brook I always love seeing your scrapbook pages- it's totally inspiring! What a great job!