Thursday, May 3, 2012

50 free dates: You tube dance lesson

 Our 3rd of the free dates was a You Tube dance lesson. I made the invitation (with some help from my coworker) and planned a very cheesy, very fun date. I made Dave a boutonniere and myself a corsage out of old magazines and LOTS of hot glue!! I also made a disco ball with a ball and some tin foil and hung Christmas lights for little ambiance.


 Carter wanted so badly to be a part of our date that he went to his bedroom and put his tie on. We let him dance a few songs before we sent him to bed and I promised him a boutonniere of his own.
We got all dolled up and formal and found a waltz tutorial on You Tube. The basic step was easier than we thought but when we tried to add a turn it got a little complicated.

Here is our attempt at the basic waltz!

I had some strawberries and some chocolate chips so I decided to make some chocolate dipped strawberries. Yum! After that we changed into our jammies and popped some popcorn to watch Singing in the Rain. Total cost of the date $0. Love these free dates!!!

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LizardGurl said...

Sounds FABULOUS! Glad you had fun. The flowers looked great.