Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Something to be thankful for.

Last year we experienced some of the most amazing miracles during the month of December. We were trying to teach Carter that one of the important things about Christmas (and maybe life) is giving so we decided we would think of a way to give every day in December. We were really struggling financially that month but the lesson we wanted our family to get out of this was that it doesn't matter how little you think you have, you can always find some way to help someone else. We ended up getting really creative by making cookies for people, singing in church, calling grandparents, sharing toys, donating clothes and toys to the homeless shelter, making gifts for people and leaving them on their doorstep, you name it, we did it. I received an email from my work about a sub for Santa that we were doing that year and since I was making my kids' Christmas gifts I thought I should make something for this. So one evening we sat down as a family and decided we would make a stuffed monkey. We each drew a sketch of a monkey to try to figure out what it would look like and at the end Carter decided that we should probably use Dad's. I took the drawing and made it into a stuffed animal, we wrapped it up and took it to my work on one of my Fridays off. On Monday I had an email from my boss inviting me to lunch. I thought this was weird but agreed to go. When we got there the manager from another department and the HR person from my work were there. I was freaking out a little thinking they were going to transfer me to another department or something. Well, after lunch they told me that the sub for Santa had been for our family. I immediately started crying and then they told me that they had a car full of presents and $1,100 in cash and Walmart gift cards for our family. I was so overcome with emotion at that point that the only thing I could say was "Please don't give me the monkey back." They told me they would give the monkey to someone who needed it and helped me load everything in my car sending me home for the rest of the day. I cannot even tell you how grateful I was for that amazing miracle. At the time I was embarrassed and felt like a charity case but now I realize that it is because we were committing to give that we were so blessed. We laughed saying that we didn't want Carter to think that giving meant you would always get something amazing in return since every time we gave we seemed to get something. All I know is that we were very blessed and felt very loved last December not only because of what we received but also because of everything we were able to give. We have decided to continue our December giving tradition and look forward to blessing the lives of others to show our gratitude for the blessings that we have received.
A few weeks after Christmas I received a picture of a little girl holding a stuffed monkey. This picture is one of the most precious pictures I have as it represents so much. I am grateful for the opportunity to give and for all that I have been blessed with. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may you find and share the blessings in your life.

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