Friday, November 30, 2012

Trimming the tree

Last night we finally put up the Christmas tree. Carter was so excited and couldn't wait one more minute!

Carter with my angel ornament. This ornament was given to me by my preschool best friend in 1988. I hang it every year and it makes me smile. I recently connected with her on facebook so it is fun to tag her in the picture when I post it. This year I let Carter hang it.

My traditional first ornament. Every year when we were little we would dig through the ornaments while my mom put the lights on the tree. This was ALWAYS the first ornament I would put on the tree. When I got married and moved out I found one on Ebay and my mom gave it to me for Christmas. I later revealed that I switched them when she wasn't looking...

Carter was most excited about putting the star on the tree. Even before the lights and the ornaments were up he kept asking about it. We let him do it this year.

Carter's section of the tree. Eventually I will even it out but for now it stays like this...

We got out the nativity for the kids and Carter started playing with it. This picture made me smile as it shows that he knows what Christmas is really about.

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