Thursday, February 7, 2013

Letters to Hailey

So it's been a while since I blogged and there has been so much that has happened! I have decided that since I write to Hermana Pierce so frequently I will use edited versions of my letters as blog posts! Here goes:

                Sorry it has been so long since I wrote last but the past few weeks have been crazy! First off, how are you? So, a week ago this past Sunday I had emergency gall bladder surgery. I ended up having the worst pain ever right below my sternum and at about 1am we went to the ER. They hooked me up on all sorts of drugs and Dave had to leave but got back before the surgery the next day which went well. We left the hospital at about 9pm Sunday night but when we got to the middle of that hill near our house we realized there had been an accident at the bottom and we couldn’t get by without sliding into them. Dave drifted our car into a snow bank in the middle of the hill and got out to see what our options were. As he was out there a suburban came down the hill and I started honking like crazy to get everyone’s attention before they hit me. Luckily the suburban was able to slide into a nearby driveway and out pops my neighbor and his 3 boys. The 4 of them pushed all of the cars out of the way and pretty much pushed us home! Then he took Dave to pick up my pain meds. It was definitely a divine intervention moment. So I have been in pain recovering from that and coming back to work has been insane! SO MUCH TO DO!!! 

                So in happier news: Carter started soccer and oh my gosh… he is so stinking cute!! He is like the worst on the team but he gallops around the field and chases the ball everywhere! He was smiling and laughing and TALKING TO OTHER KIDS!!! Who is this child!? I am so glad we put him in soccer!! We are still waiting to hear back from the smarty pants school but we should hopefully find out if he got in this month. Fingers crossed. Apparently there is a bully at Carter’s preschool that called him a “doo doo head” and he told me it made him angry. I told him if someone calls him a mean name to say “Nah, Actually I’m pretty awesome.” He was practicing and so excited about it but Monday the bully ended up picking on his friend instead. Carter told me that he leaned over and whispered in Henry’s ear to tell him the phrase that he had practiced but Henry didn’t understand why Carter was whispering in his ear and told him to stop. So I told Carter if someone is calling someone else names he should say that person is awesome and stand up for him/her. I think he really got it and it was a good lesson. I almost can’t wait for this kid to call Carter a name and see how it goes!

                Jude has been struggling with the fact that I can’t lift him and I am not able to be the mom I was before (who am I kidding… I am struggling with it even more!!) I literally am not able to watch him by myself! I feel like such a cruddy mom but I am grateful that I have people to help me and I will get better soon. Right now Jude is obsessed with Toy Story. It was cute until he started getting super OCD about Woody’s hat! Now if it falls off, no matter where we are or what we are doing, we stop everything and put it back on. It’s actually pretty funny though. He has also been trying to show everyone Mommy’s “owies” by lifting my shirt in public. Gotta love that kid. He has been really obsessed with hats lately which is cute. The gluten free diet seems to really be helping him so that is great. He has started praying with our help but he is still not much of a talker so it is pretty basic. Cute though.

                Dave has been working on school and his internship and it looks like he might get to continue his internship with the city of Taylorsville into the summer and train the other interns. He might even get paid! Either way it will look great on his resume and can only help him to make contacts in his field.

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