Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bribes, Tricks, Threats and Follow Through

I am the worst when it comes to using bribes, threats and tricks to get my kids to do what I want. I was reminded of this last night when I read the story that Carter did for his homework.

Not one of my finer parenting moments but I had to follow through. It reminds me of the time my mom was driving all of us kids to my brother and sister's band concert and we were all fighting in the back seat. She said if we didn't stop she would turn the car around and we wouldn't go. My sister started freaking out and throwing a fit even though we kept telling her to just be quiet and my mom actually turned the car around. We missed their concert. I could not believe that my mom did that and I actually asked her about it as an adult. She told me she regretted saying it but she had to follow through. I totally get it now. I am the queen of making stupid threats in the heat of the moment and this was one of them. Carter was having a huge tantrum and kicking and throwing all of his toys so I told him if he threw it again I would throw it in the trash. He did. Dang it. So I took it and threw it in the recycling. After he went to bed I took it and hid it in storage and plan to give it to him for his birthday. I thought he had forgotten until I saw this story. Ouch.

I did have a win when I got so frustrated with the accidents that I made Carter write lines. He hated it!! He only had to do it 3 times total and now he has been accident free for 11 days! WHAT!!?? He is so excited that he is allowed to play wii now! I was surprised that it worked but I am not complaining.

Today I had a fun time trying to get Jude to eat his lunch. This is part of our conversation:
"Jude, take a bite like a doggie."
"No, like a dinosaur!"
"Jude, take a bite like a reindeer."
"No, a snowman!"
"Ok, eat like a snowman!"
This is what it looks like to eat like a snowman:


My purpose behind this post is to ask how you motivate your child to get the desired end result. What works? Any moments that you regretfully had to follow through with?

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