Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best husband EVER!!!

Alright, I know girls always say they have the best husband ever but I really do. I'll prove it. I've decided to start a new "segment" on my blog where I randomly list things that make my husband the best ever and I encourage all my friends to do the same. Putting it down on "paper" seems to make you think of all the fantastic things he does! Even though he probably won't read it ever, here goes.

  1. He gives me pedicures
  2. He is going to school to make a better life for our family
  3. He gets up with Carter EVERY morning so I can sleep (sometimes as early as 4am)
  4. He works at night so he can be home with Carter while I work
  5. He lets me skip his shows if there are 2 things I want to record at the same time
  6. He makes dinner on nights he has to work so it will be ready when I get home and we can eat together as a family
  7. He wears t shirts he got for free at ceramic tile center rather than complaining that he needs new clothes
  8. He runs me a bath anytime I am sick or have any ache or pain
  9. He sits in the bathroom while I take a bath so I don't fall asleep in the tub (it's happened...)
  10. He uses some of his free rentals to get me girly movies like the back-up plan, leap year and when in Rome and then watches them with me
  11. He doesn't complain when he has to rent the same girly movie over and over because I am too lazy to put a movie in the DVD player and would just rather watch TV
  12. He watches I Carly
  13. He pretends to be interested in my recap of the previous night's episode of the bachelorette
  14. He NEVER tells me when he thinks other girls are hot
  15. He doesn't get jealous when I drool over Gene Kelley or Hugh Jackman
  16. He does the dishes
  17. He does the laundry
  18. He deep cleans the entire house before my family arrives from out of town
  19. He sings
  20. He doesn't tell me if the food I make tastes bad
  21. He puts up with my compulsive planning
  22. He's a great dad
  23. He immediately jumps up to get me water if he hears me hiccup
  24. He doesn't get mad at me for waking him up when I have a bad dream
  25. He is filling our house with beautiful art
  26. He realizes that I only argue if I know I'm right
  27. He makes the world's best mac and cheese (from the box)
  28. He sends me pictures of Carter throughout the day to cheer me up
  29. He changes most of the poopy diapers
  30. He tells me he loves me before we hang up the phone every time
  31. He gets the CDs I want from the library
  32. He has been known to sing along with David Bowie
  33. He's smart and very enthusiastic about school
  34. He is always willing to babysit for friends and family
  35. He takes Carter to the library and helps him pick out fun books
  36. He reminds me to take it easy even when there is so much to get done
  37. He prints pictures for me when I ask him to
  38. He put 2 grey undershirts in my suitcase for California because I mentioned that I needed to find one (even though I meant that I was wearing it on the plane)
  39. He takes Carter's temperature 20 times a day if I think he might be getting sick
  40. He talks to Jude
  41. He gets so proud every time he gets the car washed
  42. He can clasp my favorite necklace even with his big man hands
  43. He cuts Carter's nails
  44. He smells good (when he wants to)
  45. He likes So You Think You Can Dance
  46. He sneaks a peek at sport scores on his I pod rather than asking me to change the channel
  47. He is sensitive to my worrying gene
  48. He glues the heads back on my willow tree statues when one of us knocks one over
  49. He checks his pockets before putting his pants in the washer
  50. He wants to make me happy and he really does

Ok, so that is just a few for today. Hopefully I have inspired others to do this too and hopefully I remember to do this every so often. Like I said I don't think he'll even read it but that's ok.


Als said...

Yeah for husbands! Scott would pee his pants if I actually told him 50 things I love about him... think I will! Thanks for the inspiration.

Dad and Mom Mann said...

You are a very good wife because you see all the good in your husband (my son) and love him so much that you let him know. He is a good husband and Father, and I thank you for sharing your appreciation of him with us. He is a very lucky "Mann".