Sunday, August 29, 2010

Silver Lake

Since John was out of town and Dave was at work Noelle invited me and Carter to join her and the kids at Silver Lake up in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun!
Looking for fish

Abby, Michael and Carter
The crew

Not cute of me but Carter looks adorable

Carter and Jenna

Enjoying nature



Melissa Bond Davis said...

GASP! Silver Lake!!! I kid you not, EVERYTIME I've gone to utah to visit my brother Brian we go here. I have pictures from YEARS in the snow, in the sun, in the fall and spring! WE LOVE SILVER LAKE. I'm so glad you had a good time!

Dad and Mom Mann said...

I love those pictures...every one of them. Carter is concentrating so hard looking for those fish. And that picture of him looking at nature is fantastic. I think I will make that my wallpaper today. I want to take a trip there when we come out.