Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh, Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool.

10 points to whoever can tell me what the title of this blog is from!

So, I've decided to go back to school (in case you couldn't tell from the title of this blog) and get my degree in event planning. I hope to take an online class every semester until I finish which will be difficult while working full time and having a family which we hope to increase by 1 this summer. I know it will take some time but that's ok. I will be happy to be actively working towards something and especially something I like and that I'm already kind of good at.
We been looking for programs and we found one at Salt Lake Community College that looks promising. All the classes look interesting to me which is good even though most people would probably think a lot of them are dumb. Here is the course list and descriptions:

EVNT 0101 Intro to Event & Meeting Planning Online NON-CR A
This introductory course acquaints students with the common components of well executed meetings & events. Students will explore career possibilities and gain and overview of the industry.

EVNT 1100 Site Selection/Negotiation/Law 3 CR F/S
This course outlines the key elements to successful site selection, negotiation issues/techniques, contract provisions/analysis & diverse industry contracts. Legal issues unique to the meeting industry will be identified.

EVNT 1200 Transportation & Housing 1 CR
The logistics of air and ground transportation and hotel arrangements will be discussed. Students will learn trade strategies to make informed decisions leading to a successful meeting experience.

EVNT 1300 Event Registration 1 CR
This course will introduce students to various registration systems and keys to selecting the best registration method. Students will learn the process to make informed decisions.

EVNT 1400 Food & Beverage Mgmt 1 CR F/S
Learn a systematic approach to evaluating meeting objectives and group needs as they relate to menu design, pricing structures, guarantee strategies, negotiation items and overall information about food and beverage services.

EVNT 1500 Hotel Sales & Operations 3 Cr
Students will be introduced to the principles and procedures of hotel sales and operations by taking part in "learn by doing" activities. Networking, building internal & external relationships and selling techniques will also be taught.

EVNT 1600 Special Events 3 Cr
Students will be provided with the tools needed to hold effective special events. Venues including meetings, conferences, exhibits, fairs, trade shows, international events, weddings, etc. will be addressed.

EVNT 1700 Non-Profit Event Planning 1 Cr
Course will focus on planning successful special events for non-profit organizations. Course will explore fund-raising breakfasts, black tie galas, festivals, auctions, golf tournaments, fashion shows, concerts and soirees.

EVNT 1800 Budgeting for Event Planners 1 Cr
Course will introduce essential tools needed to prepare a budget for events of all sizes, information gathering, analyzing goals/objectives and preparing and communicating presentations to clients.

EVNT 1850 Etiquette in Today's World - Elective 1 Cr F/S
This introductory course will discuss international and business protocol and the effect etiquette has in the social arena. Basic dining skills will be discussed and an interactive dining tutorial will be included.

EVNT 1890 Event Internship - Elective 2 CR
This course is designed to give students practical hands-on work experience in the various aspects of the event and meeting professional's industry.

MKTG 1910 Event Marketing - Elective 3 CR
This course focuses on planning and implementing events such as trade shows, conferences and large promotions. A group student project will bring personnel managers and company officials on campus for a one-day trade fair.

MKTG 1960 Professionalism in Business 3 CR F/S
This course provides a study of interpersonal and business survival skills including human relations, communication, motivation, self-disclosure, team building, transactions, relationships. Coping with change, and much more.


stacey said...

Billy Madison

ROAST said...

That sounds like a pretty interesting program.

Shannon Reed said...

Good for you Brook!! That will be a really awesome career....and you will have fun doing it :)

Elizabeth said...

I think that will be such a fun major!

The Edwards Family said...

Crap! Stacey beat me to it! Can I still get 10 points because I really did know it was from Billy Madison.

Anyway, I think you're brave for going back to school. Good for you! You're a great event planner!

Maria said...

HAHAHA- I'm too late! Billy Madison.

You're totally an event planner already Brook- you'll be so great at it. The classes sound like so much fun!