Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not a great day.

The morning started out great! Carter looked adorable, I fit in a pre-pregnancy dress, we got to church on time... then it went down hill.

Dave had to pick some of our friends up at the airport and of course right after he left Carter fell and busted his lip open, he spit up, he wouldn't sit still for more than a second and he fell almost every time I let him walk.

On top of all of that, yesterday was my first day taking Progesterone. I have to take it for 10 days after which I have to take the Clomid. I was seriously having hot flashes all during church which I tried to play off as just being warm in my sweater but a number of my friends were actually cold. I was so happy when Dave showed up that I actually started crying. Sad. Anyway, now Carter is napping and Dave and I are just relaxing. Hopefully things will get better.


Alicia and my boys said...

I'm sorry! I totally couldn't even tell about the hot flashes! I hope you had a better day~

Anonymous said...

ohhhh! so sorry! I hope you are feeing better!

Claire said...

I am terribly sorry and your bad day! And of course, if you weren't going nuts on hormones, you probably would have handled it just fine!

You did look totally slammin' at church today. Where do you find such cute clothes?

Dad and Mom Mann said...

What a bummer for all of you. Hope things got better later. Poor boo boo Carter. I hate the way mouth cuts bleed so much...but they heal pretty fast too. Have a better Monday!

Maria said...

Oh Brook! Sorry if we added to your crazy morning but you DO look super cute in your dress!!