Saturday, May 9, 2009

The patio

First things first, Dave asked Carter if he wanted to give his doll a name and he said ya and when he asked him what he was going to name him he said "Al", no joke! He doesn't even talk but he said Al. So that's his dolls name!

Carter and Al
Since Carter has been fussy with eating lately we've moved a lot of his meals outside to the patio. He seems to do a good job of eating out there and it was a nice day so it's kind of win, win, win.
A grilled cheese before his nap:

crackers for his afternoon snack:

Glaring at mommy for taking so many pictures...

Carter won the match!

Carter loves Olives (I have no idea who he gets that from) so when I make him a burrito I give him some olives and avocado. I usually hide the olives until he's done with his burrito but this time he found them and went for them!

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