Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Emery!

Today we went over to Emery's for a little birthday party. It was just Carter, Emery and Max which was perfect. They played and us girls chatted!

Carter's toy of choice at Emery's house. The piggy bank.

Emery didn't want Carter to play with her piggy bank anymore...

The made up and everything was ok.

Coloring together

Melissa thought it would be fun for the kids to decorate cupcakes. I had to laugh though, 2 shirtless boys and Emery at her birthday party.

Carter did some decorating of his own...

Carter sporting the cake beard.

Emery with her sprinkles.

A bath in the sink at Emery's. We made sure Emery wasn't around and I was careful to cover his important parts.

Walking home after lots of fun!


The Whitelocks said...

We wish we were there to play with Carter!! Looks like you guys had so much fun. Happy Birthday Dave!!

Flores Hayes said...
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