Thursday, July 9, 2009

Share the chair!

When I got home from work I got to feed and entertain the kiddos until Stacey got here so we introduced Scarlett to They Might Be Giants. She was standing next to Carter's chair watching the TV so I decided they could both fit and put her in the chair with him. This is how it played out.

Carter getting fresh with Scarlett and not lots of room to move:
This works much better. Now we can enjoy the show!

This part of the movie must have been very serious:

Be nice and soft Scarlett. "Mom, why is she petting my hair?"

Stacey came and I opened the sliding glass door for some reason. Carter got SO mad when I closed it because he wanted to go out there. He was screaming and crying so Stacey told Scarlett to give him a hug. Her expression is priceless.

It's ok Carter, I'll be back tomorrow and your Daddy can take us out on the patio to play then.

Ah, she's gone. I can stretch out. (Please note there is a very famous quote from my brother as a child and it is taking every fiber of my being not to add it. If you know the quote the picture is very fitting.)

Are you getting a little sleepy Carter?

I see you smiling behind that cup!

Hot dog fingers.

It's time for bed!

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