Saturday, July 25, 2009

A sign of true friendship

Long story short... Carter had another Febrile Seizure tonight. We were at John and Noelle's new house and luckily I remembered what to do, stayed relatively calm and there was a priesthood holder standing right there to give him a blessing. He did not stop breathing thank goodness and he returned to his smiling happy self pretty quick. It's scary, but he's doing good.

When I got home I called my friend Melissa and she offered to bring him some gatorade (that's what the doctor says to give him when we need to rehydrate him.) She got here about 9 o'clock, stayed and chatted for a little bit and even brought me a special treat!!!!

Isn't it funny that a friend, a bottle of gatorade and a box of dots at 9:00pm can turn a bad day around? I'm so glad to have good friends and family to turn to when something bad happens. Thanks everybody! I know he will be just fine and I will continue to update you on how he is doing.


amy smart said...

Oh, man. That is so scary! I'm proud of you for keeping your cool. You are amazing. And I'm so glad you had some good support too! We'll keep Carter in our prayers.

Maria said...

Way to go Melissa- yay friends!

I'm so sorry Brooke that you had to experience that again with sweet little Carter! If it makes you feel better I, apparently, had them on and off a lot when I was his age. I think I'm ok now ;). Anyway- he's in our thoughts and prayers!

The Edwards Family said...

You know I'm here for you anytime! That's what friends are for!!!