Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's go Michael!!!

Today Carter and I went to Michael's basketball game and since Dave had to work and it was Michael's last game we took pictures. It was so fun seeing him play and watching John cheer like crazy. What a proud papa.

Guarding his man

He got the ball!
I think he was tired. Those kids are running like crazy!

Carter really enjoyed the game. He spent the first half with Uncle and the second half with Abby. He LOVES having his Auntie, Uncle and cousins upstairs. Yesterday while I was at work Dave said he went to the back door and started pounding on it screaming "ABBY, ABBY!!!"
I LOVE this picture of them.
We are so glad we got to see Michael play and look forward to going again next year! Good job dude!!!!

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Dad and Mom Mann said...

Thank you Dear Brook for taking these great pix of Michael at the Bball game. We wouldn't get to see him play otherwise. Good Job, Michael, Good job, Brook!!!