Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh Happy Love Day

I'm very in to holidays so sit back and enjoy the pictures.

I made treat bags for my beehives. (I'm glad there are only 4 girls...)

Since Dave got me beautiful flowers I had to be equally romantic... or not.

I didn't want him to spill on his shirt so instead of changing he grabbed my apron. He was not happy I was taking a picture.

My cute new dress.

On the crayola website we were able to make coloring pages out of our pictures so Carter colored some for his cousins. He was very into it and even wanted to help write their names.

Dave and Carter built a fort.

No girls allowed Mommy.


Dinner. Since he didn't eat his strawberries for lunch he got them again with dinner. He had seconds of the pasta and grapes to boot.

Don't tickle me Daddy!!!
A good day was had by all. Not pictured: our games of ring around the rosie and watching
Romeo + Juliet. I better go and watch it!

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Dad and Mom Mann said...

I love your heart day. The emotions shown in the pictures are great. I can almost "hear" the fun and laughs. Thanks for sharing.