Monday, February 15, 2010

Sh-pider, get rid of. Sh-pider, he is our hero.

Today was our Vday celebration since yesterday was Sunday.

We started the day with some Vday breakfast:

My clever husband made a sandwich. He says "the pancakes are heart shaped, the eggs are heart shaped. It's a no brainer."
Noelle was sweet enough to watch Carter while we went out. We put him down for a nap and went bowling:


I sucked.

Since our IUI didn't work we got to go to sushi! Our favorite place is gone so we had to try a new place called The Last Samurai. We had our own private booth!

We like to be adventurous when we go for sushi so we usually get 4 rolls. 1 that we know we like and 3 that we've never had all containing different kinds of fish.
The playboy roll (the 1 we know we like) and the spider roll

The B.S.C.R. Roll

The Double Trouble Roll

Sooooo good.

We enjoyed all the sushi and then noticed this one piece of spider roll left on the plate.

Dave decided to tackle this one and had quite a challenge. The end pieces are not my favorite...

Success! (Sorry for the disturbing picture, it just cracked me up.)

It was a great day! Thanks again Noelle!!!

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