Saturday, May 19, 2012

50 Free Dates: Kissing Twister

Brook and I had yet another date and this time we did a "twist" on a popular game to make it a little more interesting. 
Before the games began, we made a couple batches of pound cake for some upcoming events and it almost got really messy.  A food fight could have broken out, but we only ended up with a little flour on our noses.

The idea behind "Kissing Twister" is basically the same as normal Twister, but you have to kiss after every move.  The more tangled up you get, the more difficult it becomes.  In order to spin without one of us getting up every time, we used an online twister caller to spin for us.
Unfortunately for us, we weren't the only ones who were excited for this date.  This is the second time that Carter has refused to go to bed so he can see what we are up to.  So we had to let him in on the twister action, minus the kissing.
Once he was finally in bed, Brook and I could resume with the twisting and the kissing.  We had a good time playing a few rounds, then we relaxed by watching "Just Like Heaven" and eating a little popcorn.  This was another example of something simple (and free of course) that you can do and still have a great evening.  Here are some shots of us playing:

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Peter G. Williams said...

Hi Guys, I'm delighted to find a blog about using my Twister Caller, and what a great variation on the game you've come up with! Thanks for including a link.
Best Wishes,