Friday, May 4, 2012

50 Free Dates: Hike to the Block U

Who says you can't have a date the morning after a date the previous night.  It was my turn to plan and invite, so I chose a walk up to the "Block U" to have a picnic.  We were expecting a hike, but after driving through some ritzy neighborhoods, we were only about a 5 minute stroll away.  Here is a visual log of our enjoyable morning date.
Brook wanted to take a picture with the fragrant lilac

Go Utes!! As you can see, not much of a hike, although Brook might disagree due to the steepness of the hill
You can't go to a landmark without taking a picture by the plaque.
Even at the Block U, we are representing Sonoma County
Why don't you put that camera down Brook, and join me on this blanket?
Mmm...buffalo chicken wrap...
Not a bad view for a picnic.
Brook was concerned that she would fall down the hill and die.  She even gave the newspaper headline,"Woman falls to her death on a free date, gets what she paid for".
This led to her trying to climb back down from the U crab-style.
We had a great time.
A really great time!

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