Tuesday, May 8, 2012

50 Free Dates: Once Upon A Time (Part One)

I invited Dave to an impromptu at home date tonight and he accepted! We always argue about how we started and I don't know if we really came to a conclusion but I let him win.

I decided to do a little pampering with this date so we put on mud masks and have super smooth skin!

The start of our story

We didn't actually finish our story but we did make progress. We are hoping to have it illustrated and turned into a children's book to share with our children and grandchildren. Here is the FIRST DRAFT of the beginning of our story:
Once upon a time, in the land of sunny California, lived two people destined to fall in love.  She, a young Maiden of only seventeen, and he, a handsome Prince about to depart on a quest.
       One Sunday afternoon, the young maiden gazed upon the handsome prince and thought to herself, “He is very handsome, but many years older than I.  I wonder if he would ever notice me.”
       They exchanged words in passing but were not brought together, until fate intervened.  The Prince’s younger brother requested the Maiden’s company to attend a film and she accepted.  When they returned, the handsome Prince joined them for a show.
       After that chance meeting, they continued to converse about things they had in common.  That November, a party was held for the Prince’s younger brother, where both the young Maiden and the handsome Prince were in attendance.  They sang, talked, and enjoyed each other’s company, leading to the beginning of their friendship.
We are hoping to finish soon. It was so fun to talk about our once upon a time!!!

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