Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bonus kid time

Well, a few days after my "modes of transportation" post we had a transportation issue. Our sweet babysitter is sick today so we had to take the kids to my sister in law's which is not really a walkable distance and we need new tubes for the bike trailer. So I had to take an early lunch and pick up all the guys, take them to Rachelle's and then have Dave drop me off at work. When we got to Rachelle's she was not quite home so I used the time to take some cute pictures of the boys with my phone. You can never have too many cute pictures!! As blah as it was to drive all the way home and back it was nice to see my kiddos in the middle of the day. I always love some bonus kid time!

Carter drew a picture of what Jack brought today.

My little Prince Charming.

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