Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inquiring minds want to know

Yesterday Carter was being very curious and asking what many different words meant. I can't remember all of them but here are a few:

Dave: "Carter that is really annoying."
Carter: "What does annoying mean?"
Dave: "It means you're bugging me."

Brook: "I hear a rumble in your tummy."
Carter: "What does rumble mean?"
Brook: "It's a loud noise like a growl."
Carter: "Will it wake up Jude?"
Brook: "No, it's not that loud."
Carter: "I don't hear it!"

Dave: "That's an interesting maneuver."
Carter: "What does maneuver mean?"
Dave: "It means to control something. See I'm maneuvering your arms."

and my favorite... While changing into his pajamas and putting new underwear on:
Carter: "Mom, what are these?"
Brook: "Those are testicles."
Carter: "What does testicles mean?"
Brook: "Ask your dad."
Carter: "Dad, what does testicles mean?"
Dave: "Boys have testicles. They are part of your private parts."
Brook: "You'll need them when you get older."
Carter: "Are they fragile?"
Dave: "They can be."
Carter: "What does fragile mean again?"
Dave: "It means it breaks easily."
Carter: "Do testicles break easily?"
Dave: "If you play with them too much they can break."

During the fragile/testicle conversation. Glad I caught this on film.

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Emily said...

Thanks for the great laugh this morning! "If you play with them too much, they will break!" Priceless! I'll have Chris get pointers from Dave on having that talk!