Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Come on Baby Light my Fire

As most of you know I have worked really hard to get healthy since having my boys and have succeeded in losing all of my pregnancy weight and wedding weight. I know how to lose weight but I am having trouble learning how to maintain. I have actually gained back a little of the weight I lost and am not feeling as good about myself as I was. I hate that I can't switch my brain back to that 100% committed me. I need something to get me back on track but I know that ultimately it has to be me that commits 100%. I still enjoy eating healthy and making healthy meals it's mostly sweets I am struggling with right now. If anyone can help get me back to my happy healthy self please comment. I need something to happen. I am not happy with who I am right now even though what the scale reads is not bad at all (I am still lighter than when we got married) I see myself in a way that makes me sad and whenever I make a bad choice I get angry at myself. Please help!!


Emily said...

I wish there was an easy fix to negative thinking about ourselves - whoever comes up with it would be rich because women, for the most part, are always harsh when dealing with themselves. Sometimes it helps me to think of "mothering" myself. Would I say those things to a child that I so quickly say to myself? Would I respond with condemning, or compassion? When I can think in this light, it's a little easier. We always are more able to change when someone (aka, yourself) is loving and leads you gently along.

macattak19 said...

I try to all way have fiber bars Greek yourget at the house and protein water mix( keep me full. also i love herbalife shake in the morning kind of expensive but really works.

ksnodgrass said...

I struggle with this too...working hard to do good and then slipping back into old habits. It's not easy and honestly, there isn't anything that anyone can say to make you change what you're doing. We can all tell you tricks that we have tried, but realistically, it is you who has to work with yourself to make things happen. Maybe when you have that craving for a sweet you could try asking yourself why. Why do you want it...what are the consequences for eating it. If you know you're going to feel crappy for doing it, ask yourself if its really worth it? Maybe you can try making new variations to your favorite sweets. Remember you are beautiful no matter what!