Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can you put a price tag on a memory?

You sure can! Every Christmas the 1 story I tell Dave is about the time my Dad took us to see the Christmas lights in Campbell and there was a weeping willow that looked like every branch was covered with a string of white Christmas lights. In fact, I tell him this story probably at least 6 times a year. I have never seen anything so beautiful. That being said... today Joy, Rachelle and I went to Gardener Village since neither of them had ever been and I KNEW they would love it. We went into the Christmas Shoppe and when we were about done Rachelle spotted this tree thing with stars in it. It instantly reminded me of this weeping willow so I told her the story. Just then she stumbled upon the same tree thing but with white on the branches. I got so excited and decided I HAD to get it. I know it's not the prettiest Christmas decoration, but it's one of my favorite memories with my Dad and even with Christmas. Now I will have this tree to tell my kids about that amazing tree I saw when I was a little girl. And for only $12.50. The best part... Dave wasn't mad and he said I wouldn't have even had to explain it to him for him to know why I bought it. He could tell it was my weeping willow.
Here it is:

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