Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It would be AWESOME!!!

So, The Philpotts are moving out here and we just go the idea "why don't we live together?" Huh, why hadn't we thought of that? So Noelle found this 7 bedroom house with a finished basement and she is calling about it tomorrow!!! It would be so cool! It would be us and Abby in the basement which would be totally fine by me! Plus it's kind of win, win, win since it will save us all money! We might not get this house but even so. It may not happen and that's ok, but just thinking about it makes me happy.
Basement kitchen

*To all of my mom's group friends: Don't worry! If this does work out I will still plan and attend all the activites! You won't even realize I'm gone!


Maria said...

That house looks amazing and I'm excited for you but it would be sad to have you guys move!

Natasha Gwynn said...

Wow! That's a mansion! What a deal if you could get into it :-)