Thursday, June 11, 2009


I had planned to take cookies to the 2 paramedics from Carter's incident but when we called to see if they were working the lady was super rude and told Dave we needed last names which we did not have. I was SO bummed.
Since then every time I see a fire truck I check to see if it is from Unifired Fire and it never is. I took half days on Monday and Tuesday because Dave's parents are in town and Wednesday morning I made the decision to take another half day. When I got home Joy and I went grocery shopping at sunflower market and Smith's. We were taking our time and when we got to the checkout at Smith's the line was super long. We were both getting pretty annoyed that they weren't calling up another checker until I spotted a familar looking man in a unified fire shirt!!! He was there that day! I'm not normally the type to chase after firemen (ladies you know who you are...) but with little explanation to Joy I took off running! I caught up with him and as I started to explain why I was so enthusiastly following him Tom walked by! Let me back up a second, all we knew about "our" paramedics were that there names were Tom and Ed and they worked on west temple at unified fire. So of course I took off running again! I caught up to him and all I could think to say was " my son had 2 seizures " ya... Not the best opening line for a paramedic! I explained the situation and then he recognised me and gave me their last names and station #!!! After catching up with him a bit I went back to Joy who was STILL in line and was gitty for the rest of the day! Now we can properly thank them! Hooray for long lines!
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The Edwards Family said...

Yay! That's pretty crazy that you saw them but exciting cuz now you can properly thank them...with cookies! Way to "run" after your firman!

Noelle said...

That is a cute story! Gotta love firemen!