Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Day!

We had a nice Father's day but sadly a short one since Dave was able to pick up a shift at another store tonight and we aren't in a position to turn down work. Here are the events from the day.

Dave told me not to spend money on him for Father's day so this is what he got. The only part I even touched was the writing. He did the rest by himself. You can't see it on the scanned copy but he even turned his crayon sideways and sort of shaded the paper. It took about 30 minutes just to get this so I am very happy with it!

And Dave was happy with it too. He even wore the tie we got him the day we were supposed to be induced (the day before Carter was born.) It's made out of newspaper.

Our version of a Father's day BBQ! We even did homemade fries. Carter enjoyed them a lot!

Carter and Daddy shared a popsicle!

Usually I'm the one that wants to buy certain clothes for him but this is one of the few shirts Dave insisted we get. We bought it a while ago and it hasn't fit him until now so I thought it would be good for Father's day!

Carter didn't think the drawing was enough of a present so he made art in another form (Video to follow):

Mommy decided not to clean them up until Carter went to bed because he would've just pulled them down again. It did not stop him from playing.

In case you did not think my child was a genius... not only can he shape sort, but he recognizes color. He always puts random objects in the color hole they belong in (video to follow):

"Mommy, I'm sorry Daddy had to work tonight. I'll give you lots of kisses to make you feel better." (Video to follow)

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