Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ok, so here's the deal

So a couple of days before John, Noelle and the kids came out here we got this wild idea that we could find a house with a basement apartment for us to rent. It's been up and down, yes and no and we thought we weren't going to find the perfect place until they stumbled upon the place pictured below. They went to just look at the main house and while they were there the couple renting it out said that they were renting out the basement separately. They asked to see it and called us right away. It's pretty perfect! We went to look at it and we love it. All we have to do is turn in our application and get approved and we will move in as of August 1st! The couple renting it said that if we wanted it it was ours so I'm not too worried. I will hopefully be able to post pictures of the basement apartment soon. The picture below doesn't show our portion of the house at all but you get the idea. We'll pretty much be doubling our space and the kitchen!!! Oh my goodness, I love this kitchen! Anyway, applications go in tomorrow! Wish us luck!


Raphelle said...

T-ville! Ah, good times. That will be awesome!

Chris and Emily said...

Take - LUCK!