Sunday, August 31, 2008

The out crowd

Today at church I was talking to another mom in my ward about how difficult it is to make friends if you aren't from here. I've looked into various Mom's groups but haven't found anything just right. All of the sudden it hit me! I'm starting my own Mom's group! Of course it will be small at first (just me and my new friend from Napa) but when we meet more people who are looking for something like this we can tell them about it and get them to join. I am excited, but I have never done anything like this before so it should be interesting. My thinking is, if it works great and if not what have I lost? The link to the group blog is and we can be reached by email at


Jeff n' Rachelle said...

good for you!

Dad and Mom Mann said...

Brook, you are a genius! I applaud you wholeheartedly and wish you great success in this. I hope that all the moms who are feeling like you and your friend will find your new site and join together to have a great time.