Monday, August 25, 2008

New routines

Last night we went for a walk around the duck pond. We are trying to start routines for our day and for bed time so that Carter can expect it to be the same from day to day. So last night we went on a walk, got ready for bed, swaddled, ate, said a family prayer and then put him in his crib awake. After we tucked him in we sang him a song (it was so cute as we were singing he was looking back and forth at each of us) and then we left the room. We only had to "binky" him a few times and he fell asleep. He slept pretty good too because he didn't wake up until after Dave took a shower in the morning. Dave left early for the trax station. Today is his first day of school and the first day Carter and I will be alone in a while. I'm sure we will all survive and if we do we will be going to the temple tonight for the first of many family night "funtivities"!

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The Supermanns said...

Glad to see you are settling in. Your new surroundings look awesome!