Friday, August 8, 2008

4 months! Holy cow!

I knew it was coming up. Whenever anyone would ask me how old he is I would say "almost 4 months" but I never expected to get to the computer today pull up our blog and see "Carter is 4 months old" right there in front of me! It's crazy how fast he's growing up. His new thing is to arch his back whenever he wants to be picked up. It's pretty funny. He'll be in his swing or bouncer and I'll walk by and he'll just arch away even if I don't bend down to get him. I think he learned it on the drive out here because sometimes it's tricky getting him out of his carseat. He's a very smart baby and is just so fun to have around.

When I told one of my Young Women that I was moving to Murray (I was wrong we are technically in Salt Lake but we are super close to Murray) she told me to take a picture of David Archuleta. Well, This is the best I could do:

Wouldn't you hate to go to a school where a giant poster if you is hanging?

We are doing well here in Utah but we are still having a hard time getting used to it. It's nice that our family and friends have all been and will be visiting Utah. It makes it seem more like home. We hope everyone is doing well and we love you all.

Oh, and please try to remember that now we are an hour later. If you are calling us at 10PM it is really 11PM for us... Thanks!

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