Monday, August 18, 2008

LOTS of pictures!

We had a busy weekend with family but it was lots of fun. Here are a LOT of pictures! In no particular order:
George, Emeric, Seneca and Carter at Cafe Rio. They came in on Sunday to surprise Joy and Richard and stayed the night. It was a blast!

Carter in his bear hoodie ready for a walk around the duck pond.

The duck pond on at our complex. It is awesome!

More duck pond pictures...

I can't believe we have this so close!

Rachelle trying to scare away the ducks RIGHT outside of our apartment.

The ducks started rioting when we were giving them bread and started biting Joy's toes!

Rachelle and Carter on our walk around the pond.

My cute little teddy bear.

Carter with Grandma and Papa.

Playing with an alligator.

Us on our walk around the duck pond.

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