Monday, August 11, 2008

We miss Brush Creek Ward!

We went to church yesterday and we only met one family. Luckily they have a 4 month old daughter and she was fussy so the mom and baby spent all of Sacrament meeting in the hall as did me and Carter. It is nice to know there is a baby close to Carter's age and they even live in our complex. We went up to introduce ourselves to our new bishop but he just walked right past us. We were sad that we didn't meet more people. Oh well I guess there's always next week.

Smiling in his crib with Bisket the musical Seahorse.

My new favorite hat from my new favorite store Naartje (don't know how to say it.) Supposedly they have them all over California but I've never seen them.

Just hanging out.

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NathandAmanda said...

I miss brush creek ward too, but mosly I just miss you!!!